Monday, February 28, 2011

Switching Things Up.. Again

Last week, I shared a few pictures of how I updated the radio stand in the dining room.
I was doubting it a bit, thinking that the lamp was too large for the vignette. My suspicions were confirmed when a few people commented about just that. That's best thing about having a blog as a outlet. You get the opinions and support of so many others!
So, I went with my gut and switched it up, again. I love the look of layering different objects, so I tried adding more things. It just seemed too cluttered, so I kept it simple. What do you think? I think the smaller lamp works much better, although, I do lose that pop of color.


Before.. larger lamp:

Instead, my fun blue lamp is making a statement in the living room!

Have a great week everyone! I hope you enjoyed the Oscars last night.. if you watched them! I can't wait to see the roundups of the best/worst dressed of the night! It's my favorite part:)

Here are my favorites of the night:

What were your favorites or better, worst of the night?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Loving.. This Week

As usual, I am inspired by so many great projects out there on some of my favorite blogs! Here is peek at a few of them for your viewing pleasure...

This master bedroom designed by the lovely Emily A. Clark. What an incredible use of fabrics to create a soft and serene space. I could definitely get some great shut eye in that room. Or maybe not! I wouldn't want to shut me eyes!

Courtney's striped dining room drapes. After a bad case of drapery drama, it was all worth it. She also offers step by step instructions on how to make your own!

I love a good sentimental project and this brooch project by Chris at Just a Girl knocked my socks off. Instead of keeping her grandmother's collection of brooches in a drawer, she turned them in to magnets for her punchy pink magnetic board. Brilliant!

An awesome paneled headboard in Jenny's little girl's room over at Evolution of Style. Talk about a finishing touch in a room! Gorgeous!

This show-stopper ikat wall in the dining room of blogger Carmel of Our Fifth House. The room went from great to WOW after this stenciling job! My love of ikat is already keeping me up at night and now I'm feeling the need to stencil something!

If you love any of these projects as much as I do, be sure to hop over to their blogs and send them your love! Have a great weekend everyone! Cross your fingers that I'm not spending mine shovelling, like the forecast suggests!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wallpaper Love

I've been asked quite a few questions recently about the wallpaper in my living room. It just may be my favorite thing in my whole house. As soon as it went up, the pattern and the soft colors made the room finally feel complete. I have not tired of it yet!
Some of you want to see a better picture so I tried my best to get a few that capture the pattern best.

And here is the whole room again with the wallpaper on the back wall.

The other questions were regarding its source. I ordered it through a local paint and wallpaper store in town. I looked into it again and unfortunately it has since been discontinued! :(

I'd like to share a little lesson learned...
When I first fell in love with wallpaper, I knew only of the ones features on my favorite design shows or magazines. Often $250/roll with a minimum 3 roll order. WAY out of my budget.

I came to find out that there are all kinds of sources that are very affordable and offer the same effect.. or at least I think so! The paper for that whole wall cost less than $75 and I think it looks pretty great!

Less than a great piece of art, but with as much impact. Only downfall? Let's be honest... a pain in the butt to install. A two person job which inevitably leads to a wee bit of frustration :) Worth it though!

DIY: Pelmet Box

I'm in the process of sprucing up the guest bedroom. I don't actually have much of a game plan as of yet, which is very unlike me. I'm kinda winging it, but I'll share as I go along!
First up, over the bed is a small square window. I had thought about making a roman shade like I did in my bedroom, but wanted something different. Then, I remembered that I had  come across a tutorial for pelmet boxes via Little Green Notebook as well. That girl has some great ideas, I tell you!
All you need is some fabric, foam core, duck tape, cotton batting and a staple gun. This project took less than half an hour and it's light as a feather (ie. easy to hang!).

I found the fabric at a local fabric store, I really like the geometric pattern.
You also get a little glimpse of the light fixure in the room:)

I like the simple straight lines, which saved me some time.
You could cut your foam into a more intricate shape like Jenny did for her girls' room

Well, that's a start anyway! Not sure where I'm heading next with the room, but I'll keep you posted!
Just for fun, here is a couple of pics of my little Beaufort.
With a long weekend and a snow day, he and I have been joined at the hip:)

God forbid be take that bone out of his mouth!

What a grump.. I love this picture.. he looks half asleep and likely is:)

*linking up to Frugal Friday at the Shabby Nest

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Switching Things Up

I've been switching things up around the house. I love creating little vignettes with my favorite accessories. Sometimes moving things from one room to another or combining different accessories gives a fresh look to a room!
It is rare that I will leave things the same way for too long. I get bored and want something new! Luckily, I go shopping around my house and not at the store or I'd be really broke!
I'm still struggling with my dining room. I think I change something in there on a weekly basis. Recently, I played around with my old radio stand.
This was before.

bad picture, i know! I forgot to take on before :(
 And this is after a little tweaking:

What do you think? I love hearing your thoughts!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner! Chosen by, we have a winner in the Atelier Eva Juliet Giveaway!
Drumroll please!...............

"Thanks for this great giveaway! I LOVE the 'Jamais trop tard' print with the butterflies.
If I don't win it, I'm ordering it anyways!!!"

Congratulations Carissa! Looks like you won't have to order one after all!

Thanks to all those that entered. Be sure to head over to Eva's etsy shop and order one of your own! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Home "Office"

I don't know why this room is called "the office" It's actually more of a craft room, since it's where I keep all my fabric, paints, paper, crafting supplies etc.
It doesn't even have a desk. What kind of office doesn't have a desk? Mine:) I really should find myself one. A white one of course! A glossy white one - like the Parson's Desk from West Elm. I usually end up sitting on the floor, making a mess around me with whatever project I've got on the go.
Whatever the room is, I kinda like it. It has more color packed into it than the rest of the house combined. And it has a comfy couch to lay on when you are procrastinating or searching for inspiration!
What do you think?

It really needs a desk, doesn't it? Id love to hear your suggestions! It can be too big since the room is not very large.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Painted Tray and Some Flowers

We had another snow day here today. Even Steph got to stay home after attempting to make it into work only to return after experiencing zero visibility! A good day to get lots of things done.

Remember when I contemplated painting this tray in the living room?

I really wasn't crazy about the mahogany finish. I thought I'd do something fun like pink or turquoise and even took home a dozen paint chips. Then one day I got impatient and wanted it done. I used some black paint, that I had on hand, and went to town. Voila!

Doesn't it look pretty with my Valentine flowers? Nothing more sweet and simple than tulips! I think my little pair of octopus friends like them! (I had one and one of my sweet students surprised me one day with another.. now he has a friend!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We spent a quiet night at home with some fresh pasta. Yum.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Giveaway: Atelier Eva Juliet - CLOSED

A few months ago, I discovered Atelier Eva Juliet on Etsy and fell in love with her work. Her soft, romantic prints bear such fun and motivational messages. She is an artist who lives and works out of Montreal (a fellow Canadian!). I love that most prints are available in both French and English!

I had a hard time deciding between two prints and ulimately went with this one which found a home on my mantel.

A simple life reminder that I glance at every morning.
Here are some more of her beautiful prints for you to admire! There isn't really one I don't want!

Well, isn't this your lucky day? Eva has generously offered one lucky follower an 8.5 x 11 print from her shop!

Winner can pick an 8.5 x 11 print of their choice

You must:
- Become a follower of this blog (or let me know you are already!)
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A winner will be chosen at random on Friday, February 18th.
*closes at 12:00 AST

Good Luck and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!