Wednesday, January 5, 2011

dots, spots and octopus

I've been switching things up a bit, now that all the Christmas decor is down. For some reason, I love colors and bright whites at this time of year. Maybe, it's to create an escape from the cold January weather?

I was excited to put out my new octopus that I picked up at POSH (new home decor store in town). I told you that octopuses were the new thing! I placed it on top of my pretty Domino book.

Isn't he cute?

Then, I started thinking. Maybe I should paint the tray. White? Or maybe a fun color, like green or pink? I'm really not keen on the cherry wood finish. Until I decide, I cut a piece of fabric to fit into the bottom.  A few spots are always fun!

Yes, much more fun I think! I still want to paint the tray. What color do you think? Any color suggestions?


  1. what about a red pink? i adore the dots btw!

  2. Love the dots! But I agree that it needs a coat of paint as well. I say go bold with pink. I love little pops of it.


  3. I just saw an octopus shower caddy on the Urban Outfitters site this morning! They must be all the rage.

    I vote to paint it a bold blue shade. I'm in a blue/black/white funk right now.

  4. I like the deep pink idea. Tres chic !

  5. I think a turquoise would be pretty! So cute! I'm posting a little tray makeover on my blog tomorrow! I hope you'll stop by!


  6. Love the spots.


Love hearing from you! Thanks so much :)