Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thoughts on Sarah 101

I just finished watching the first episode. What did I think? It's really good.

I'll be honest. I'm a huge Sarah Richardson fan and many of my all-time favorite rooms were designed by her. However, Sarah's House sometimes made me a little anxious. She spent so much money! Let's be honest, most viewers can't afford to spent that kind of money decorating or renovating their homes. It all seemed so unattainable and while the results were stunning, I didn't feel I took away much from the shows. Except in my imagination:)

But, Sarah 101, is a show for me. Basic principles for what works, where to start and how to pull it all together. As a firm believer in upcycling, her scouring of vintage stores for great furniture and lighting finds was my favorite part. Yes, this is a common practice for Sarah, but the prices were actually reasonable!

She also selects affordable fabrics and offers tips on where to use which prints. I'm really regretting those silk pillows now. But they are just so pretty!

To sum it up, I'll be watching and you should too!  And make sure the watch the outtakes at the end. Tommy cracks me up:)

Anyone else catch the first episode? I'd love to hear what you thought!


  1. Hi, I watched it too because I truly love Sarah Richardson design, especially when she is doing her beachy cottagy style which she is so good at! I loved her use of vintage pieces but I also found that she had a much larger budget to work with than I. I must admit that I really didn't like her drapes with the stripes and then the solids, not me at all. Her chandelier was beautiful but too expensive. Having said that I think its going to be a great new show and a wonderful change to "real estate" tv. which is all I'm seeing on HGTV these days!

  2. I watched too..it was fun. Found it kind of zipped through really fast though. I like the pace of her other shows better. But I'll be watching now.

  3. Ohhh - I would love to watch this! What channel is it on? I really like her show! Though you are right - she can spend a lot of money!

  4. I was just trying to find a recap and pictures from the show online!

  5. OH no. I think I missed it. No fun! I hate not having TiVo at school!! I will catch it next week

  6. I watched I like mostly all that Sarah and Tommy do , I found the scheme really bold not for everyone , definately not for me , but like with all her shows there is always something to take away , love the plate hangers with epoxy , brilliant.
    I would love to see them work with tighter budgets like most of us do , its great to get a bargain on a table but not all of us have $500.00 to refinish it , and custom upholstery is a pipe dream for most .

  7. Grant was cringing through the whole episode...too much for his man taste anyway. Ditto on the $$$$! I think the cost of one her rooms might pay off my mortgage! Looking forward to more episodes on my new bedroom TV (thanks Steph:)
    Em xo

  8. It sounds like a great show, I need to check into it!

  9. I use to schedule my summer around her Room Service show...do you remember that? {back when I taught and could spend my summer days dreaming of design}. I wish I could watch this. Darn my cable limitations.

    Tell me all about it.



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