Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Island Architecture Tuesday

It's no secret that I am a lover of old homes. When, I walk into a historic home, I can somehow look beyond that creak on the 4th step, the worn, water-damaged floor in front of the sink, the hairline cracks that somehow seem to appear out of nowhere. These details add only to the charm and remind you that this home has a history. Changes or modernizations may have happened over time, but the fact remains that it was a home for others before you, where memories were made and are preserved within the walls.

What I love most is the variety of architecture styles and the careful craftsmanship. If you are lucky, the original moldings, hardwood floors, stained glass windows, clawfoot bathtubs, hardware and plaster walls are still intact. These details today seem impossible to replicate without a great deal of time, patience and money. Historical homes come equiped with such an expression of place, individuality and somehow reflect the original family's identity.

I am lucky to have grown up on an island rich in architectural heritage. Set against the landscape of lush, rolling hills and farmland are homes that were built for families settling in both rural and later more urban settings. Some more humble and others boasting Victorian elegance.

I intend to feature some of these homes weekly over the next month, as part of a New Year's resolution to learn more about architecture in general. I hope you'll follow along!


  1. Great idea! You know I love the character of old homes :) Have you ever been to Savannah, Georgia? They have SOOOO many gorgeous homes, many with a Victorian style like this. I love Charleston, South Carolina, too- their 1800's homes are just to die for!

  2. Jane the details and color palette are amazing..a work of art!!

    Happy New Years!

    Art by Karena

  3. Jane, I love your blog and what you have done with your home. You mentioned that the paper light in the living room is not hooked up. I think it looks amazing and I agree, I think the proportions of the light are perfect for the room. I think it's a keeper. I'm a fellow Canadian from Toronto.


Love hearing from you! Thanks so much :)