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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Painted Tray and Some Flowers

We had another snow day here today. Even Steph got to stay home after attempting to make it into work only to return after experiencing zero visibility! A good day to get lots of things done.

Remember when I contemplated painting this tray in the living room?

I really wasn't crazy about the mahogany finish. I thought I'd do something fun like pink or turquoise and even took home a dozen paint chips. Then one day I got impatient and wanted it done. I used some black paint, that I had on hand, and went to town. Voila!

Doesn't it look pretty with my Valentine flowers? Nothing more sweet and simple than tulips! I think my little pair of octopus friends like them! (I had one and one of my sweet students surprised me one day with another.. now he has a friend!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We spent a quiet night at home with some fresh pasta. Yum.
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  1. this looks great! and i love your embroidery hoops!

  2. Looks great!

    Is taht wallpaper or a stencil on your wall? Have you posted about it before? It is gorgeous!

  3. I think it looks so great! Wanna come to my house and make it look like a magazine, too!
    The little octopi (?) are darling!
    Amber gi

  4. That little tray turned out perfectly. It looks great!

  5. yes, especially with your amazing wallpaper. too cool!

  6. I love the improvement to the tray! You definitely have an eye for style.

  7. I'm a fan of black! I think it was a great choice. And, can't our students be so cute at times? ; )

  8. Is that vase from Ikea? No joke, I have the same vase with baby pink tulips in them, sitting on my dining room table! Great minds think alike, love :)

    PS. Tray looks great!

  9. Your tray looks great, you can't go wrong with black....or pink tulips for that matter, they're my favorite.

  10. Looks fantastic! Nice and simple change that makes all the difference. I also got my fave flowers (pink tulips) for valentine's day...seems as though our guys were listening :)

  11. i love tulips, they are so sweet

  12. The tray looks great! Can't go wrong with black! Your pink tulips are beautiful!


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