Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hutch Hunting Complete

My dining room is right off the front door. Therefore, it has become a drop zone for flyers, bills and odds and ends. This drives me crazy! None of the furniture in the room had any storage in it, so I was dying for something with some drawers. Well last week I found it! At Coulson's of course, here in Summerside:)

It is perfect for china and wine glasses on top and I can tuck whatever I want into the drawers on the bottom. And the best part? The fold down desk with compartments inside for papers and pens. My clutter will have a new home!
Now I just need to find the time to give it a fresh coat of white paint. The drawer pulls need replacing.. any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My 30th birthday gift from Stephane was a weekend getaway to Quebec City. We had a wonderful weekend strolling the streets of Old Quebec, window shopping, eating, drinking and eating some more. I was certain that I would find the old city beautiful, but I was absolutely taken with it. The unique architecture of the buildings and homes, the cobblestone streets, the cafes, and the smell of fresh baguette and croissants. It was easy to imagine that I had somehow arrived in France:)

The weather was a little grey and cold, but only had to pull out our umbrellas on a couple of occasions. The time of year was perfect! The pots and window boxes were overflowing with beautiful flowers, while the trees were shades of orange, red and yellow.

mmmm almond croissants. Possibly a highlight for me. Heaven!

I would go back in a heartbeat! Merci beaucoup Steph - you're the best! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A DIY Flop..

A while ago, I mentioned that I would try to post some of my DIY projects. I promised I would include the good and the bad. Well, I got a little sidetracked and haven't posted any in a while.
Today, I'm posting one of the bad..
Ever hear of the whirl-it lampshade?

I think it is beautiful and the how-to instructions seemed so straightforward. I know that some other bloggers have had success making it. This is Jen's from the blog Made by Girl:

Well, a couple of months ago. We decided we were up for the challenge. It only cost a few bucks for the materials and it gave us something to do one evening. Unfortunately, we were not successful. So after hiding it away in an unused bathroom, here it is in all its glory.

Don't laugh.

It wasn't that bad at first but it's gotten progressively worse over time. Enough time has passed that I can laugh at it now. Would we try it again? Not likely. But, Stephane showed me this one and it peaked my interest. Can you tell what it is made of?

Plastic spoons! I think it looks like an acorn. Very autumn (as I type this, summer has just slipped away for another year.) So how hard could it be? I'll keep you posted:)

I've Been Drooling Over Dots and Spots

I love patterns. Trellis, quatrefoil, greek key, suzanis. I'll take them all. Especially if they are printed on fabric-it's my weakness. I'm predicting that the next big print is dots. More specifically ikat dots. I can't get enough of them!

Check these out:

Ikat dot pillows from the etsy  bestillshop.

There is nothing cuter than a room with a pair of twin beds.
Add in some ikat blankets and I'm sold:)

via coco&kelley

Oh where, oh where, can I use this Premier Prints fabric from Only $6.98 - $9.98/metre!

Look what Jamie from isuwannee did with! Unreal. Love it. That girl has serious vision!

Another one. Not ikat, but spotty just the same. I think I like it. Tres cool.

I'm telling you. Spots and dots are in. You heard it here! :)
Are you going to join the bandwagon? 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I love you Rue!

I am late on this but I finally got a chance to sit down and peruse the new online design mag Rue. Maybe I should bite my tongue, but I much prefer it to Lonny! I'm so excited about it! If you haven't yet, find some time to have a peek!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jewelry Storage Ideas

It's coming. My 30th birthday arrives this week. I have mixed feelings about it, but suppose I might as well embrace it. To be honest, I have dreaded it since I turned 29, but as it approaches, it doesn't seem all that bad. Just another day, right?
Some bloggers have created lists of things to do before they turn 30. I love reading about them and celebrate with them as they cross one of their list. I particularly enjoy Nicole's 30 Before Thirty list, as she is turning 30 shortly after me and has made a significant dent in her list.
Me, however, I'm just not that disciplined. Instead, I have my own little list of things to do once I am 30. Like take a yoga classes, make a point to send birthday cards, floss more often, be more dedicated to running and become organized. Ask me when I'm 31 how it went.
So... I was going through my jewelry the other day and realized I need to find a better way of keeping it all organized. Step one toward being more organized! I've got necklaces hanging on doors and bracelets and earrings in random drawers around the house.

I do have one system that I like, if I could teach myself to just put things away.
 I use ice cube trays to keep my earrings.

real simple

Maybe it isn't pretty, but I know what I have in a glance. Besides, it's hidden in a drawer.

Sherry at YHL, uses a porcelain egg crate.

I love this idea from Martha Stewart. What a great way to use your china.
It would be fun to have a reason to collect it too.

What about a muffin tin or cutlery tray? Who knew kitchen items could be so useful to your wardrobe?

How cool is this nuts and bolts organizer? It's like the Wheel of Fortune of jewelry selection.

apartment therapy
If you want your jewelry out where you can see it. I like these ideas.

apartment therapy
  This one is especially genius! It's a vintage letterpress drawer. Perfect for storing a large collection of earrings. If you are on the island, I saw a few the other day at Riverview Antiques for less than $30.

Megan at Honey We're Home (who has an amazing closet btw) just organized her own
jewelry using 3M strips on the back of her closet door. Check it out here.

What about you? Any other good ideas for me?
*I am nearly 30 and spelled jewelry 3 different ways during this post. I actually had to look it up. Apparently, we spell it differently than the British. Who knew?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's orange it up!

I'm in an orange mood these days. I would dare to call myself a blue girl, a grey girl, definitely a white girl, and sometimes even a pink girl, but I don't think I ever would have said orange.

Maybe it is the feeling of Fall in the air? Whatever it is, it's inspiring me. I don't think I can make it work for me, but I'm thinking my Mom and Dad's family room is going to get a healthy dose of it!

Here is some orange to brighten your day:)

These stairways make me think my entryway needs a punch of color.
Although, I think you need to be careful with orange and black. Halloween ruined it forever.

These front doors. They totally work year round but it makes me want to paint mine, even just for October.

via Pure Style Home
via Martha Stewart
I can think of a project for this fabric. I'm thinking gorgeous pillows on my Mom's new couch.
May not be in the budget though...


Oooh, and paired with this rug. Perfection!

And a couple of martini side tables from West Elm! Well, maybe to mod for Mom, but very cool.

Anyone out there getting married? May I convince you that you should wear orange shoes with your wedding dress? And your bridesmaids should have these adorable clutches from Emersonmade.

I love the punch of orange in these rooms. Just enough to make an impact.
via mae brunken designs

via sfgirlbybay
I used to think that a punch of orange was enough. This room begs to differ.
Four walls papered in a beautiful burnt orange = perfection.

via cococozy

For me, I'll just take a couple of these Hermes boxes. I don't even need anything inside - just the boxes please :)

via apartment therapy

Friday, September 10, 2010

via apartment therapy
It has been a busy week being back to school with my new students. Loving them, by the way!
Although, I did set aside some time to blog, I didn't get a chance to finish any of the posts I started. I'll be back soon talking about my new love for ORANGE. Also, I'm going to need some help picking some fabric for an upcoming project.

Stick with me:)


Monday, September 6, 2010

Shed Reveal!

Those of you who have been following from the beginning know about the shed. I started my summer holidays thinking I'd get to work on it right away and it would be done.
Yeah right. Mosquitos, heat, and boredom meant that I just finished it today - 2 months later. I swore it would be done before I went back to work. Although, I'm technically back, the students don't arrive until tomorrow so I figure that counts:)
All the men in my life say what a great shed it is - with a cement foundation and electricity! For me, it's a place to put bikes and gardening supplies... and occassionally storage for people other than me :). Oh well!
The goal was low budget and at least that worked out. I wasn't replacing anything, just painting. So, although I bought more paint than anticipated, the whole project was under $150.
Here it is before.

What a sad little eyesore. I almost feel sorry for it.

After it was powerwashed and scraped.

Did I mention scraping is the worst job on the planet? It looks even worse...

Here it is after a coat of primer.

Okay, priming stinks too. Literally.

And here it is completed.

I do find it a bit dark but I wanted the reverse of the house (white with grey trim). The black door is so large that it's a bit imposing but it's staying for now.. see how I feel next summer! Stephane made up some window boxes with some leftover wood in no time. I guess I'll have to wait until next summer to see some bright, colorful flowers in there!

I think Beaufort likes it!

Or, maybe he's not sure.

What do you think? Not bad for under $150 bucks and a pain in the neck!