Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jewelry Storage Ideas

It's coming. My 30th birthday arrives this week. I have mixed feelings about it, but suppose I might as well embrace it. To be honest, I have dreaded it since I turned 29, but as it approaches, it doesn't seem all that bad. Just another day, right?
Some bloggers have created lists of things to do before they turn 30. I love reading about them and celebrate with them as they cross one of their list. I particularly enjoy Nicole's 30 Before Thirty list, as she is turning 30 shortly after me and has made a significant dent in her list.
Me, however, I'm just not that disciplined. Instead, I have my own little list of things to do once I am 30. Like take a yoga classes, make a point to send birthday cards, floss more often, be more dedicated to running and become organized. Ask me when I'm 31 how it went.
So... I was going through my jewelry the other day and realized I need to find a better way of keeping it all organized. Step one toward being more organized! I've got necklaces hanging on doors and bracelets and earrings in random drawers around the house.

I do have one system that I like, if I could teach myself to just put things away.
 I use ice cube trays to keep my earrings.

real simple

Maybe it isn't pretty, but I know what I have in a glance. Besides, it's hidden in a drawer.

Sherry at YHL, uses a porcelain egg crate.

I love this idea from Martha Stewart. What a great way to use your china.
It would be fun to have a reason to collect it too.

What about a muffin tin or cutlery tray? Who knew kitchen items could be so useful to your wardrobe?

How cool is this nuts and bolts organizer? It's like the Wheel of Fortune of jewelry selection.

apartment therapy
If you want your jewelry out where you can see it. I like these ideas.

apartment therapy
  This one is especially genius! It's a vintage letterpress drawer. Perfect for storing a large collection of earrings. If you are on the island, I saw a few the other day at Riverview Antiques for less than $30.

Megan at Honey We're Home (who has an amazing closet btw) just organized her own
jewelry using 3M strips on the back of her closet door. Check it out here.

What about you? Any other good ideas for me?
*I am nearly 30 and spelled jewelry 3 different ways during this post. I actually had to look it up. Apparently, we spell it differently than the British. Who knew?


  1. Love the letterpress drawer...

    I haven't been 30 for 16 years : ), and this year I treated myself to nealpottery's stoneware jewelry bowl at Etsy,


    I have it on the marble buffet in my bedroom and it looks beautiful. But I think I may need a second because i've filled it up already. Shipping to Canada was quite reasonable.

    The overflow, including all my necklaces, goes in this hanging organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond,


    Not very attractive, but it's in the closet, easy to access, and doesn't take up precious drawer space.

    Happy birthday : ). From what I remember, 30 was great fun!


  2. I just made an earring holder out of some old screen material and an antique frame! :) I love it- it helps to see everything all at once!
    Happy soon to be 30th bday!

  3. oh, Happy Birthday! 30 is the new 20!! Love those jewelry ideas- especially the pretty little bowls. I hang my necklaces on the back of my closet door so I can see them all at once.


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