Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hutch Hunting Complete

My dining room is right off the front door. Therefore, it has become a drop zone for flyers, bills and odds and ends. This drives me crazy! None of the furniture in the room had any storage in it, so I was dying for something with some drawers. Well last week I found it! At Coulson's of course, here in Summerside:)

It is perfect for china and wine glasses on top and I can tuck whatever I want into the drawers on the bottom. And the best part? The fold down desk with compartments inside for papers and pens. My clutter will have a new home!
Now I just need to find the time to give it a fresh coat of white paint. The drawer pulls need replacing.. any suggestions?


  1. The lines of this piece are great, particularly the framework around the glass. Is the hardware in bad shape? Once painted you may find the original hardwood looks great, or can be cleaned up. Looking forward to seeing what you do! Janell

  2. I agree Janell! The hardware is really not that bad but I want a chrome finish to match the rest of the room (lighting etc) or many glass to match the knobs on my kitchen cabinets!

  3. Might I suggest this? Chrome spray paint!

  4. Why not use the same hardware that's on your kitchen drawers? That gives a little continuity to your home.


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