Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am so incredibly jealous. I just came across the redesign of 5 school staff rooms throughout the Northeastern states. It was a Staples-sponsored project aimed at bringing some life into the "oversized mop closets", as one designer called it, that we call home during our few brief moments of time off during the day.

One, in a Rhode Island school, by designer Brian Patrick Flynn of Decor Demon, totally rocked my world. Flynn is a TV producer turned decorator/designer. He transformed it from mop closet to head of the class!

The before:
Look familiar, my fellow teachers? Most staff rooms I've seen in the 8 years I've been teaching, look a lot like this.

And after Flynn works his magic!

A few more befores:


The pop machine is cleverly hiding behind those doors.

LOVE the vintage 1950s classroom prints. I wonder if I can find something similar on ebay?
Plus, I'm a sucker for a white parson's desk.

Wouldn't it be nice to break in such a sunny, uplifting environment? I love the No. 2 pencil orangey-yellow accents.. how fitting:)

So Staples... is it our turn next? I can think of a few schools that would be willing to participate! Check out the whole process on Decor Demon. It just may be my new favorite read!


  1. WOW! How do we sign up Jane? These after pics are amazing!


  2. I'm on luv with the black/white/yellow !

    I want that!


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