Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A DIY Flop..

A while ago, I mentioned that I would try to post some of my DIY projects. I promised I would include the good and the bad. Well, I got a little sidetracked and haven't posted any in a while.
Today, I'm posting one of the bad..
Ever hear of the whirl-it lampshade?

I think it is beautiful and the how-to instructions seemed so straightforward. I know that some other bloggers have had success making it. This is Jen's from the blog Made by Girl:

Well, a couple of months ago. We decided we were up for the challenge. It only cost a few bucks for the materials and it gave us something to do one evening. Unfortunately, we were not successful. So after hiding it away in an unused bathroom, here it is in all its glory.

Don't laugh.

It wasn't that bad at first but it's gotten progressively worse over time. Enough time has passed that I can laugh at it now. Would we try it again? Not likely. But, Stephane showed me this one and it peaked my interest. Can you tell what it is made of?

Plastic spoons! I think it looks like an acorn. Very autumn (as I type this, summer has just slipped away for another year.) So how hard could it be? I'll keep you posted:)


  1. I'm sorry I am laughing! It looks like something from that the fountain of youth in Steph's Bathroom? I can laugh because I know how clever & talented you are...this was a Blip:)
    *spoons are cool*

  2. Sorry I laughed. But remember there are no failures. Sometimes things do not turn out as planned. Now you know what doesn't work and not to do it that way again.

  3. HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh, sorry, but that IS funny stuff! And I love the spoon shade ( it reminds me of your blog background).

    See you Monday!

  4. Oh my, this brings back memories of a balloon, some string and glue !

  5. Sorry! I'm with the rest of the people who posted: "I couldn't help but laugh" I'm glad you shared your project becasue it's good to see that not every project turns out.


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