Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Runners for the Hallway.

Are you tired of hearing about my staircase revamp yet? I have to talk about it just one last time. A few months ago I ordered two runners from Urban Outfitters. It was the first time I've bought anything from there and I was a bit skeptical of the quality seeing as they were only $39 each (perhaps there were on sale when I ordered them because now they are $49). They shipped for free and arrived very quickly. I took them out of the box and to my delight they seemed to be well made with no visible defects. No complaints on this end, especially for the price. I would definitely try ordering from Urban Outfitters again.

Anyhoo.. I tucked them away, deciding not to put them out until I tackled the painting of the staircase. A little reward in the end for my hard work.. or a little motivation to get started, however you want to look at it!

Here is the rug in the downstairs hall. 

Beaufort was quite curious to know what I was taking a photo of.

Then he wouldn't get out of the shot. Insisting the door should really be closed.

There. That's better. Now he can get on board, showing off his good side:)

Here is a look at the other rug in the upstairs hall.

The runners are a flat weave and needed a rug pad to stay in place. I purchased a 5 x 8 pad and cut it in two. Feels quite nice underfoot.Cozies up the space a bit doesn't it? Now if I can just to keep them clean!


  1. Love your runners - but am in awe of your stair base period - how gorgeous!!! The banister and newel post has me drooling here!
    I HAVE to pin that image!

  2. The new runners look great! So pretty :)

  3. Very pretty. Pup seems to love them too. :) Toby was quite upset when we removed the carpet from our closet. It was his favorite place.


  4. Love the rug and I love that I have found another website that ships to Canada for free! Thanks

  5. Nice! That is a great price. I may have to check out Urban Outfitters rug offerings myself (I've bought decor stuff from their Toronto store in the past but never thought to try online).

  6. Haha, love the photobombing. The runners look great. I've thought about purchasing rugs from Urban Outfitters before, but now I'll actually go for it!

  7. I love them! My kids photobomb my pics all of the time... but they are not as cute as your dog! Great find, price, and product! Love the repetition down stairs and up!

  8. Love love that grey! And the dog is precious! :)

  9. Loved the way you have done your stairs. Doggie is cute. Thanks for posting.

  10. Love the grey and white... the pooch is the perfect accessory!

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