Monday, November 17, 2014

Bunk Room Reveal.

I suppose this post was a long time coming! It seems like forever ago that I started  talking about the trials and tribulations of the bunk room. For some reason, I just didn't get around to blogging about it. Or about anything else for that matter! Just to back track a little, here is a little background on the room. 

We needed a functional room for the kids when they come up on the weekend. The room also had to be super functional to make use of the small space. We came up with a few must haves for the tiny room:
  • Must fit two beds.
  • Easy to keep clean and organized.
  • Space for storage. This house doesn't have a linen closet or a coat closet.
Let's take a peek back at what it looked like in the beginning.

We stripped off the hideous yellow floral wallpaper, only to discover the walls were in terrible condition underneath. This led to a whole lot of plastering and then the inevitable decision to cover the walls in paintable wallpaper.

Next, Steph built out the wall and started framing for the bunk beds. 
I'll share more on this process in another post. 

 We wallpapered the walls in a paintable beadboard paper and gave it all a coat of BM Chantilly Lace.

It all started to come together from there. We are pretty happy about how it turned out and so far it's been easy to keep tidy and organized! 

The whole process of getting this room to where it is now was a challenging one. We ran into lots of problems along the way. We had just finished the big bathroom reno and perhaps we assumed this one was going to be a walk in the park. We definitely thought wrong.. although, I suppose even time has passed that we've almost forgotten:)

It's not a very big room but we certainly made use of it all. Knowing traditional bunk beds were going to take up too much room, Steph came up with the idea of  "floating" bunks. They take up very little space and provide the more modern look we wanted for the space.

There was enough space under the bottom bunk to slide a row of baskets underneath. These have been great for storing backpack on the weekend instead of having them on the floor. We also added sconces to the wall above each bed for reading in bed at night.

The bunks are of course my favorite part of the room and the ladder is no exception. Steph welded that one afternoon and it suits the bunks perfectly. A man of many talents!

The little armoire was from Ikea, years ago. I gave it a couple of coats of white trim paint and it fit perfectly in the space between the bunks and the wall. It acts as my linen closet with lots of space for towels, sheets and extra blankets. 

I put a couple of felt baskets on top that basically hold little odds and ends that I pick up.. we are a family of clutter bugs! The felt is great for pulling on and off without scratching the paint. We also cut down an Ikea floating shelf to fit and put up a few decor items.

This little sunny corner of the room holds a basket of teddies, throws and slippers. The hanging planter is an Etsy find that I absolutely adore. That door that you see is the closet door and it's actually a decent size closet (for an old house) and holds our winter jackets, extra toiletries, and other junk I can't seem to part with.

We wanted to keep the bedding simple. I like the streamlined, almost military look of the tucked-in bedding and the fact that they are somewhat easy to make. We ordered the blankets from MacAusland's Woolen Mills, here on PEI, and they are beautiful and warm. We will certainly have them forever. Of course, I had to add some fun pillows but they usually end up on the floor!

The antique gold light fixture was gifted to us from my aunt and uncle the last time we visited them in Montreal. They had been hanging on to it because it had hung in my uncle's childhood bedroom but didn't have a spot for it in their home. They said I could have it, if I promised to use it somewhere in my own home. We found the perfect spot!

There you have it! I hope you liked the tour of our little bunk room. I would like to add a cozy rug for the floor and somehow include an accent color in the room (mustard yellow) but for now, it's fine. Actually, it was officially the last untouched room in the house. Time to start all over again?

Even Beaufort likes it!


Paint - Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace
Blankets - MacAusland's Woolen Mills (Dark Gray)
Striped Sheets, metal basket, wicker baskets - Target
Felt baskets - Walmart
Wall Sconces - Ikea
Roman shade fabric - Tonic Living
Hanging planter - The Vintage Loop


  1. I LOVE it. Such a great transformation. I'd like to stay in there. Looks like a cool hotel. Those blankets are amazing.

  2. What a beautiful room! Are the blankets itchy? I have been thinking of purchasing a wool blanket, but have ben worried about the scratchiness of the material. Also, where did you purchase the zebra pillows?

  3. oh i love it! i love the bedding you chose- it's perfect!

  4. It looks amazing - totally agree with Janice's comment about it looking like a cool hotel!

  5. It looks absolutely terrific! Love the bunks and bedding but am wondering if you are going to put a safety bar on that top bunk. That's a long way down! Judy M.

    1. We've considered it and certainly have not ruled it out. The one who sleeps of there is almost 15 and doesn't seem too concerned.. I tell him to put a body pillow along the edge.

  6. I love this room - the cozy mixed with the simple. I especially think those wool blankets are amazing!!!

  7. The bunks and bedding are awesome, but I especially love the light fixture. So cool it has meaning! Great job on the room.

  8. What a fabulous use of space! Love the mix of bedding too!

  9. Just gorgeous! Steph is one talented man! The styling is beautiful the baskets under the bed, the color scheme, all of the prints and the teddys are just too cute in that basket. And the dog that matches the décor...amazing, lol. I love that you were able to use the light fixture from your uncle's bedroom. One minor suggestion, on the cords for the bed lamps, there is a product in the U.S. that hides the cords and goes along the wall. We have it for our flat screen t.v. to hide the cords. It's white and it would probably blend right into the wall.

  10. I absolutely adore it. The steps are such a modern and unique touch. I love that you cant find them anywhere! I totally want to stay there!

  11. Well, I know where I am staying next time I am in PEI. :) Love everything about this room - restrained but interesting. Great job Jane. If you ever want to leave teaching, I'm sure you would do well in the interior design field.

  12. The room looks terrific! Well done. I especially like the ladder on the bunks and that light fixture.

  13. Ughhhh. Can I be one of your neices?! This room is AMAZING.


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