Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MacAusland's Wool Blankets.

I had a few inquiries about the blankets we used on the beds in the bunk room so I thought I'd do a post about them.

A while back, House and Home magazine did a spread on wool blankets and I remember being shocked at the prices listed on the blankets. While I wouldn't disagree that the featured blankets were beautiful, I wasn't prepared to fork out that kind of money. I knew that we had a wool mill, here on the island, and decided to look into the product and the prices.

MacAusland's Woolen Mills is a family owned business located in western PEI. I first checked out their website and while they offered some good information, I decided I might as well take a trip out to the mill and see it for myself. I was on summer break (ah, the life of teacher!) and decided to make a day of it.

The sign at the entrance. The mill is actually called MacAusland's Woolen Mill.

Guests are welcome to walk around and see how the wool and blankets come to be. I took the opportunity to snoop around for a bit. It was dark, dusty, loud and totally cool. 

I also learned a few things. The family owned mill first operated as a sawmill beginning in 1870, then began producing woolen yarn in 1902 and blankets in 1932. That means it's been in the family over the course of three centuries! Located in western PEI, it now operates as the only mill in Atlantic Canada, and one of the few in North America, that produces 100% virgin wool blankets.

I was totally impressed with the whole process and found the blankets to be something to treasure, upon seeing them in person. I was also pleased to see that the blankets were really quite affordable and decided I definitely wanted to go that route for the bunks.

I first purchased the blankets in the twin size in Light Gray. Once I got them home, I realized that I had made a mistake and should have chosen the Dark Gray. They didn't have any in stock but make them custom and they were ready for me within a little over a month. I didn't mind waiting.

Just to answer a few questions that were asked..

How much were the blankets?
I paid $76 each for the twin size. See the pricing guide here.

Are the blankets available in other colors or sizes?
There are a lot of different options. See a list of products here.

Are the blankets soft?
Yes, in a way. They are extremely soft considering they are made with wool. However, I did layer a soft fleece blanket underneath each of them.

Does the mill ship?
They certainly do but are not set up for online ordering. You have to call or email directly to place your order. See contact information here.

*I was not compensated for this post. I simply love sharing products I love and supporting local businesses.


  1. Thank you for posting about MacAusland's, Jane. I have been wanting to order a couple myself and have referred back to your blog a couple of times for information. I am redecorating my living room and I thought one or two would make a nice addition. It's funny... I should also mention that a while back I saw your Lesli DeVito portrait of your sweet pup and ordered one from her of my own dog. Love your blog, absolutely love PEI. I am from Alberta and about 15 years ago we spent a day on the Island, which wasn't near enough. Now that we have children I have been wanting to take them there for a holiday.

    1. Thanks for you comment Brenda! You should definitely order some. Their lap blankets are beautiful. You should definitely bring your children back to the island and buy some while you are here;)

  2. So cool! Love the blankets and LOVE that you shared all about them without getting compensated! It's a breath of fresh air in this "sponsored-post blog world." Ha...rant over. ;) Enjoy your blankets!

  3. Aw! Love this post, and love that you have their blankets! Great reveal, too. xo

  4. Those are gorgeous...I love a good wool blanket!!

  5. Love MacAusland's. I have a lap blanket from them and it's my favourite for cold winter nights. The woolen mill is actually just 10 minutes from my cottage! My mom grew up around there :)

  6. These are beautiful!! We were on the Island last summer and I totally missed this lovely mill. Next time!

  7. Jane, this room is so freakin fantastic, and the blankets totally make it. Well, and the ladder. :) I will have to swing by MacAusland's next time I am on the island (I am a NB girl living in AB). There are just so many talented artisans in the Maritimes, I am always blown away whenever I get back there.

  8. Going back through your blog - The MacAusland's are Morgan's neighbours in Mill River and absolutely lovely people! Great post, I will have to tell them about this :)

  9. Always wanted to buy a woolen blanket but like you say the prices were a little too high for me . I came upon macausland,s web site and loved the look of the blankets but are always weary will they really look like that. Then I saw your blog about them and was totally sold I finally made the move and ordered one . I have not received it yet as there were none in stock but don,t mind waiting. I am sure it will be just as beautiful when it arrives. Thanks for your blog it was a big help Thanks


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