Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Photoshoot.

Thanks for all your comments on the staircase revamp! It was a big job but I'm thrilled to have it finished and very pleased with the results. I'm so glad my readers like it too!

I planned to be back to blogging last week but the staircase reveal ended up being my only post. It was a beautiful week and I wanted to soak up some time outside before I head back to work. However, another reason for my absence was that I was busy getting my house ready for a photo shoot! It has been much too long since I've updated my house tour so I asked my friend Rachel of Rachel Peters Photography to come take some photos of my home. This is a busy time of year for her with weddings but I was thrilled that she was willing to squeeze me in!

What's a photo shoot without flowers! Here are a few little vignettes from around the house the day of from my iphone. Really looking forward to seeing the ones she took!

Lots of baby's breath. After years of viewing it with disdain, I think it's so pretty now. A friend reminded me that 20 years ago we used to stick it in our french braids for special occasions. Stylin'!

More pretty purple ones. My prediction is that lavender is going to take us all by storm soon. 
It's everywhere!

While she was here, we were also able to talk Stephane into a few engagement photos. He was a good sport and it ended up being a very relaxed and fun experience. Here is a little sneak peek that she shared on her Facebook page. We were thrilled that Beaufort was included in some of the shots.

Rachel is so full of passion and enthusiasm for what she does that it's contagious. Even the most camera shy person will feel comfortable with her behind the lens. She experiences her surroundings with a keen eye and you can actually see the ideas and creativity brewing in her eyes as she works or speaks about her work. The mark of and excellent photographer and of someone who is lucky enough to truly love what they do.

If you are getting married or just want to have some photos done, I wholeheartedly recommend her. Visit her blog or her Facebook page and you'll be inspired!


  1. love those shots! you guys are adorable! love your dress and nice legs. ;)

  2. What a great photo shoot! I love your outfit, and the pictures are too cute for words.

  3. Fun! love the photos of you and your pup! xo kristin

  4. Oh I can't wait to see the photos! Your vignettes and flowers look beautiful. Such a cute photo with your pup too! What a cute little family you make.

  5. I LOVE your dress. Where is it from? (Can't wait to see her photos as I have always loved everything about your home).

  6. So cute!! What great photos, and your dress is lovely!

  7. OMG! that is RIDICULOUS! i I LOVE IT! Bostons Rule!


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