Thursday, January 27, 2011

Revisiting the Cabinet

A little white ago, I found this cabinet for the dining room.

I gave it a little makeover with a little white paint. (I really believe a little white paint can transform anything from blah to beautiful!)

I threw around the idea of painting the inside of the cabinet another color, and it seemed that my readers agreed with me. A little visit to the basement revealed a multitude of color choices, left over from other projects.
Hiding at the back, I found a can of a pretty blue grey. What from? Then I remembered... the porch cabinet was once painted that color. If only for a few days until I ditched it in favor of black... and then of course white. When will I learn that while I try to be "fun", I am a white girl at heart!
Anyway, it's a pretty color and I think it looks good in the cabinet.



What do you think? I only painted the back and not the whole inside. I figured it I liked the result I could go back and paint the rest. Let's be honest though, I'm not super great at getting back to things..:)

Also, a big thanks to these lovely bloggers who featured me this week on their blogs!


  1. ooo, i love the new back color!!!

  2. It's really a pretty color!

  3. I think the softly muted color works perfectly with your cabinet.

    By the way, those three goblet looking glasses? I had some just like it, but our unforgiving tile floor in the kitchen has caused them to be almost extinct, with the exception of one glass. It was like an Agatha Christie novel where you start with 10 people and end up with one...(queue the suspenseful music...and then in THAT voice says, "and then there were two...")

    How I digressed. Your cabinet looks lovely. :)

  4. That's perfect! It looks great!

  5. Very pretty!
    I love ALL of your transformations! :)

  6. Love it! I think it actually accentuates your silver and glass much better. Well done!
    (If you wanna get a little "crazy" you could always wallpaper the back panel, too - could be great!)

  7. That is an amazing transformation! Love the painted background.

  8. love this! how creative! im excited to follow your blog and start catching up on your posts!

  9. Vancouver here with another suggestion. Love the contrast of the new paint color, however think about changing the drawer handles. A feminine shaped art deco handle painted in a metalic silver will tie together the bottom to the top. I'll post a few pics for you over at my place and link back to yours for my followers to come see your beautiful cabinet.

  10. it looks beautiful! I love a good furniture makeover story ;) Great blog.

  11. It looks great like that because the white shelves really pop out now. I think what you're displaying is really showcased with the color behind! It looks beautiful!!

  12. Lovely. It really makes the items on the inside pop!


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