Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Weekend & an Etsy Shop

I love me a good graphic print.
I was perusing around etsy and came across these great prints from Etsy seller ecceprints.

I thought they would be so perfect for Valentine's Day or even year round. I can a bit a bit of a sap from time to time :)
They come in a choice of color and a variety of quotes. I've been seeing a lot of the eye chart graphic and I think it is neat! Which one would you pick?

Head on over to her shop to check out some more! I think so are so fun, colorful and affordable too! The 8.5 x 11 prints are only $15.00 and fit into any 11 x 14 frame with a matte. Can't beat that!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!


  1. These are all so so so adorable. I love the skies are gray one and the cupcake one!! What a creative fun print!

  2. I love these!

    It's official--I love your blog. Finally had time to scroll around and it's so great!

  3. I love the "you are the milk to my cookies" one! Too cute!

    So my little modest blog picked your blog for the Stylish Blogger award. Go check out my post to see what I said about you!

  4. I love Etsy! Those first two are darling.

  5. those are so cute :) and so is your blog, girl! i like the design of it.


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