Monday, August 16, 2010

Sideboard Reveal!

It's finished! The $99 IKEA sideboard got a little makeover and found a home in my kitchen.
I primed the legs and shelves then gave them 2 coats of ICI's Natural White.

The top was a different story. I originally thought the sideboard was unfinished pine so I tried staining the top. For some reason the wood didn't seem to want to accept the stain.

I did a little research and discovered that it was sealed with a clear acrylic lacquer. So, I got some sandpaper and went to town. Then, I tried staining again.
What if I did multiple coats? Like 7 of them?
Still no luck. It still didn't get any darker than above. I was seriously ready to burn it!
Then, I did what I should have done at the beginning. I dropped it off to my dad- the wood man. If he couldn't do it, no one could! He ended up having to scrape it and do a lot of sanding. He laughed when I told him I had been using a sanding sponge. Apparently, I would have been sanding for a long time :)

So here it is in the kitchen.

While it isn't super wide, it does offer a bit more counter space and storage which was badly needed. The stained top matches my counter tops and the legs match my cupboards. I will someday have to find a way to conceal those pipes. Oh, the joys of living in an old house!

I'll post more of the kitchen tomorrow!


  1. Jane I love this... Looks perfect in your kitchen!!!

  2. I knew you would be able to make it look great!


  3. Love this! Great job....I am really liking that cakestand, too.

  4. modernjane strikes again! you are a girl wonder :)

  5. Jane, Jane, looks amazing like I knew it would. And the kitchen before and after pics...UNREAL! See you soon!!


  6. What color paint is on the walls? It's lovely!

  7. Thanks! The color is souvenir by ICI paints. On the chip it is a blue grey but it came out blue! I like it though:)


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