Monday, August 2, 2010

New sideboard

My sister Pam arrived home this weekend from Ontario with a little surprise for me. I've mentioned before that she has a good eye for design and comes up with great ideas.
She spotted this little sideboard, decided it had some real potential and brought it home for me. We put it all together and I immediately decided that she was right. Plus, the $99.99 price tag helped a little too!
It's called the SVALBO sideboard.

The sideboard is unfinished pine and it is getting a little makeover right now so stay tuned for the reveal.

Wondering about the shed? It's coming along, I swear. A bigger job than anticipated, but I'm on the home stretch.


  1. Cannot wait to see what it looks like! Couple of stools & I will be over for coffee.

  2. It's beautiful Jane! Can't wait to see it in your house...


  3. Jane you should show your room it's beautiful and Modern... Jane! Get it? Haha, People would really like to see your up stairs because it is gorgeus! Like your new room, your office! I didn't get to see all of it so may'be you already did I'm sure people would lovee your style. And the Audrey Hepburn poster nails it!



Love hearing from you! Thanks so much :)