Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pure Project: Hand-picked Pretties!

I'm participating in Lauren's Pure Project Series. It's an attempt to make your house more organized and more fun! The first project is to find flowers and put them in a vase in your home. Seems simple but she suggested in on Monday and I just did it today.. oh well! I'm trying!
There doesn't seem to be a whole lot blooming at home but I found these last night while we were out for a walk. It was dark so I reached over the fence and stole borrowed a few blooms. My punishment? The stems were covered in thorns! Should have know!
Anyway, here there are!
sweet and simple!

Yesterday, my sisters and I shopped in Charlottetown for the day. Of course, we checked out Winners and scored some great stuff. I spotted one thing I thought I'd share.
I think most of us still share a love of imperial trellis fabric and wallpaper. Unfortunately, it's expensive. Yesterday, I spotted these duvet covers (along with a couple of other great patterns as well).

While I don't need one, I started thinking... what about using the fabric for pillows, or curtains? A twin duvet was only $29.99! You'd never buy the fabric for that price! My friend Em has the trellis one in a purple-grey and it's really nice!
Again, I can't sew but maybe someone else can and will run out and snatch up the duvet??


  1. The purple flowers look like allium to me...not sure though. Cute blog.


  2. I'm still in love with trellis too! We don't have that store here:( That is great thinking outside the box about making something else with the fabric. And I like your flowers- looks like a cool vinette with the lamp and the portion of the art I could see. I'm terrible at choosing art- probably why we currently have none!

  3. lying under my trellis duvet right now! so cozy - just me & RJ lol. looks like a new piece of art on the wall - need to come by & check it out & your new kitchen sideboard.

  4. You nabbed a globe thistle. Try for lamb's ears next...much softer but unfortunately not as pretty!

  5. Thanks! I remember that next time!


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