Monday, August 9, 2010

Rainy Monday

The weekend consisted of the farmer's market, hanging out with good friends, wine, snuggling with the pup and naps. Therefore, the shed was neglected once again. As punishment, it's a rainy day today and will not get finished today either. It is starting to be one of those projects that weigh over my head.  I swear, every time I look out the back window I see it standing there saying "Did you forget about me?"

Anyway, instead I fill the day with other things.

1.Repeatedly staining the board that refuses to be stained. (More to come on that if I don't burn it first. Grrr.)

2. Watching Beaufort snooze on his new doggie bed. Oh, to have a dog's life! Notice the fact the blue perfectly matches the decor of my living room. Yes, of course that was intentional!

* speaking of dog beds, check out the supply one of my favorite bloggers just got in her shop! I love love love them all!

3. Trying to tear myself away from another chapter of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story. If you
have not been reading this you are seriously missing out.  Although, I will admit I am in danger of never sleeping or leaving my house again, if I don't get it under control. Thanks a lot Kendra and Virginia. Seriously, if you have real responsibilities you might want to hesitate before clicking on that link.

I picked up these sweet peas at the market on Saturday. Nothing like flowers to brighten up a dreary day.


  1. I'm loving Black Heels as well! Luckily we still have a few weeks to read it before we're back to reality! Lindsay

  2. What is the board for? Ohhhh I love I suwannee's shop!

  3. Oh Beaufort, I want your life! I'm also curious the the board is for and also what's going on with that sideboard you bought? I really liked it and am anxiously awaiting it's makeover...I'm assuming you will paint it:)


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