Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shelf Re-styling.

This weekend, I gave my kitchen a good clean and decided it was time to restyle the floating shelves above the island. I like the arrangement that was there but it all needed to come off so that I could wipe down the shelves and what's the fun in putting everything back in the same place?

That's the only photo I could find that showed how the shelves were styled before. Simple but in true Jane fashion, I crammed a lot of stuff on those shelves, which made it heavy! I sometimes worried it would all come crashing down.

I started with blank slate. Those who follow me on Instagram would have seen this photo.

And arrived at this shortly after.

It ended up being a mix of blue and white. Completely unintentional but I'm not complaining. They do seem to be a common theme for me, without even realizing it.

I love my golden owls but I also can't wait to put them away and add a little bit of Christmas decor into the mix. As a rule, I don't generally put up any decorations until after Remembrance Day. Now that that day is gone, I'll still wait a little longer. I think I'll start seeing what I have after I submit my report cards next week!

Not only does it feel a little more simple, it's also more practical since we actually use the items on the first shelf rather than simply using it as display. Now what other shelves can I restyle?

white canisters and teapot ~ PC Home
blue glasses ~ Ikea
Blue jay print ~ custom watercolor by Eastwitching
bowls, plate, jug and golden owls ~ Home Sense/Winners

Thank you to those who took the time to read my post about my grandmother this weekend. She was quite special to me!


  1. I love the way you styled it. You truly have a gift!

  2. Those shelves look fantastic and your bowls, I need them in my life lol :)

  3. I have two similar bowls from home sense and love them! On the lookout for more

  4. Your owls are the perfect bit of shine up there - great job!

  5. the only reason i clean is to restyle ;) love the new look - and those owls!

  6. Oh l LOVE this! Both ways were cute, but the second is definitely more modern and chic. So inspiring. Cool blog following via Bloglovin.

    Allie of Dressing Ken

  7. Love how you've styled these shelves. So fresh and functional

  8. The shelves look amazing! I love the new look. Those owls are just adorable and I am loving that bird print. So pretty!


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