Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back Porch Refresh.

Today, I'm back to blogging and sharing a little refresh makeover of our back porch. The porch is at the back of the house and is the entrance that we and our guests use most frequently. It's just off the kitchen and leads to the backyard. It also home to our washer and dryer and a large built-in cabinet. It's where we hang our coats (unfortunately there is not coat closet in this house) and keep our shoes. 

As you can imagine, like any multi purpose room, it becomes a drop zone for everything. I find it very challenging to keep the area clean and clutter free. The goal of this refresh was to not only freshen up and brighten the space but to make it as efficient and minimalist as possible.

To start, only the coats that we are currently wearing on a regular basis are kept at the back. In the summer, this means there is very little hung on the hooks. In the fall and winter, this is a different story for sure. I try to ensure that our everyday jackets are there but our nicer coats that we wear less frequently are hung in the front entrance, out of sight. My purse and school bag also find a spot on these hooks.

Under the hooks is a little bench that Steph made for me way back when I started blogging. We call it the $16 bench and strangely enough it is my most pinned post on Pinterest. I gave it a fresh coat of white paint and recovered the cushion in a soft grey linen fabric. The baskets fit perfectly in the bench and are currently filled with summer shoes and sandals.

We also hung a simply wire basket by the back door to hold Beaufort's toys, leashes, poop bags and towels to wipe his wet feet. It's practical and easy to reach for when you arrive home after a walk with a wet dog.
Across from the bench and coat hooks is a simple three compartment shoe cabinet from Ikea. It holds an impressive number of shoes and fits perfectly in that corner between the wall and the pipes. The pipes are one of those old house quirks that I turned a blind eye to over the years. This summer, I realized I could paint them and although, still decidedly hideous, perhaps a little less so. At the very least, less noticeable. I keep a basket on top to throw our keys in. However, it seems I'm the only one who uses it?

Opposite the door is a built-in cabinet, original to the house. It got a fresh coat of white paint while I was tackling the walls and trim. The amount of storage in that cabinet in invaluable to us. It holds pantry items, laundry supplies, dog food, tools.. you name it. I can't imagine living without it.
Back when I purchased the house, the back door needed to be replaced and I chose to put in a door with a full glass panel. It was a great decision because the space always feels so bright and airy, plus gives a pretty view to the backyard. 

view to the porch from the kitchen
view from the porch to the kitchen/hallway
I can't even believe that the plants are still alive. Six whole weeks later! I'm so impressed with myself. Must be all that great light.. or the green thumb that I inherited from my dad? I wish..:)

It feels bright, clean and organized. Most days at least. The power of white paint... I'm not sure I'll every tire of it. Also, thank you all so much for the sweet comments about our backyard wedding! I just got my photos back from our awesome photographer so I hope to share some with you all soon.


  1. Looks fabulous! And I hadn't noticed the pipes until you pointed them out - which means the white paint is doing it's job well making everything uniform and connected. I love your house, it has such character and charm. When do you go back to school? I set up my class room tomorrow and then back on the 8th.

    1. Well that's goo to know! They always drove me crazy. I'm back to work Wednesday and the students the 8th. Summer flew by!

  2. So beautiful and organized. My house always looks messy and unorganized. Drives me crazy. What color white paint did you use.? I love white.

  3. Simple, clean and beautiful! 3 of my favorite things! Where is the clear round pendant from?

  4. Hi Jane! :)
    I love your entry way, it is beautiful. I love the full panel glass door too, it is so nice and bright in there!
    Where is the blue rug from?
    Glad to see you back! :)

  5. Where did you find your coat hooks? Love them!

  6. I really love the hooks/shelves by the door. Did you have to build them to get them to fit perfectly in the corner? Thanks!


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