Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Finished Fence.

A busy, busy weekend in the sun! A refreshing change of pace from the damp cool spring we've been having. A birthday party for a friend, a girl's night for me, a yard sale, lots of work outside on the fence, a brunch to celebrate my sweet dad and an afternoon staging a friend's home for sale. That's what I call a full weekend!

Speaking of the fence. It's finished! Well the building part at least. We are still deciding whether or not we will go ahead and stain it this summer or wait until next. Regardless, we now have a fenced in yard for Beaufort and privacy for us.

If you've been following me on Instagram you've seen some progress shots along the way. Here is a peek at the finished product.

From the back yard, a view of the fence with the back deck. We still need to stain the new walkway and steps to match the rest of the deck. Add that to the summer list!

Here is a before shot with the old fence and the old walkway.

A view from the front. You can also see our tree in the background that once again is losing all its leaves!  Apparently some little tiny green worms find the leaves quite tasty. Same thing happened last year and they all came back mid July. That better be the case this year or I'll be a cranky girl. 

We decided to run the board horizontally rather than the traditional vertical. The boards are also wider on the bottom 2/3 than on the top. We felt it was a more modern look and connected with what we had going on the backyard already. In particular, the walls we added to the upper deck. Once stained it should all blend nicely. 

We also have 2 gates. The one on the left is standard width and will be the one we use on a regular basis. It opens to the walkway which leads to the backdoor. The second gate on the right is wider and will be used for getting the garbage bins out and for Steph to get out his motorcycle.

I planted 4 large ferns between the walkway and the fence and added black mulch. The ferns won't spread much this year but should fill in that area a bit more next summer. We will also add some pea stone and large slate pieces to walk on where the gate opens.

Here's Beaufort outside without a leash. He had no idea we did all this for him. I can't tell yet if he appreciates it. In fact, he didn't even wish Steph a Happy Father's day. What a brat.

A grainy Instagram shot from one evening outside. It feels so private and intimate now that it's all closed it, especially with the lights on in the trees. Our own little oasis!


  1. This is looking awesome! It'll be a fun place to hang out!
    PS. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :)

  2. this is so beautifull! I love seeing your creations and ideas. You are very talented! I did not realize you live only two streets over, I have been following and admiring your work for a while..Traci /Cedarbrook :)

  3. Wow! Major improvement. And good timing too - just as the summer is starting :)

  4. Love the lights at night! So pretty!


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