Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bunk Room Update and a Giveaway!

Isn't summer grand? The weather has been fantastic so far and I feel so fortunate to be off to enjoy it all. It does to by much too quickly though! I always think that I should have all kinds of time to get projects checked off my list and to share them here but everything seems to take forever to get finished up. Always the way!

Case in point, the bunk room. Slowly but surely, it is coming together. It was a totally hideous room but now I really love it in there. It feels so clean and bright which was exactly what we were going for.

The walls were all painted Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace, as was the trim. Steph built the bunk beds and the ladder. They are my favorite part of the room. We ordered wool blankets from MacAusland's Woolen Mills, here in PEI, but they've had some machinery issues so we are still waiting for those to be finished. Once we have the beds all set up, I'll tell you a little more about the bunks and ladder.

The window trim was in pretty bad shape. I had replaced the window when I moved in and the frame around the inside of the window was in desperate need of some repair. A lot of caulking and plaster and it almost ready to be painted. Once that is finished, I can put up the roman shade that I had made for the room.

I did hang up a few things on the wall but things are going to kept fairly simple. I like the
tone on tone of the white frames against the white walls. The roman shade and pillows will provide the contrast.

In one corner, we were able to fit an old Ikea armoire that I'd had for years. I painted it the same white as the walls and I'm using it as a linen closet (something this old house lacks). I picked up the two grey felt baskets at Walmart for a bit more storage on top.

We also cut an Ikea floating shelf and fit it in between the walls over the cabinet. It's a little hard to see it against the white walls in the photo but soon I'll get it styled up with a few books and odds and ends to brighten up that corner.


Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!

All the photos in this post, as well as the photos from my Instagram account for the month of June, were taken with my handy Canon Powershot S200. It was generously provided to me by Staples Canada for the #30SummerDays challenge. It takes great photos and the best part is that it's WiFi enabled, which makes photo sharing a breeze!

To win your very own, here's what you have to do:
  • Tweet or Instagram a photo with the #30SummerDays hashtag
  • Come back here and leave me a comment, letting me know you did!
That's it! Easy peasy!

Contest closes on Friday, July, 25th at 12:00 AST. Good Luck! ** open to Canadian residents only**


  1. Tweeted! (@Missy_Thinks)

    Love the bunk room- it looks so cozy!!

  2. I don't have twitter or instagram but did want to tell you what a great job you're doing at creating a soothing feeling in the room. I love the white on white!

  3. I, too, don't have a twitter account or an instagram account (I know, I know get with the times...:) I love the room. Where did you get the feather picture from? I'm loving it.

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  5. Too bad I'm in the US- but we just got a powershot too- S120 I think. Just wanted to say how in love I am with the room. That ladder just makes it!

  6. Love the room.
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    Happy Summer!

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  8. The room looks amazing! Love the ladder!

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  10. Your room looks great! I've seen those baskets at Walmart and always wondered where I could put them!

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    I adore the out of the way bunks and the ladder is amazing!

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