Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Love.

Well that was quite the blogging break! School ended and the first two weeks of summer vacations flew by. I worked on the provincial marking board for a couple of days with some fellow teachers and then headed off to New York City on a girl's trip. What a great way to kick off summer.. such a great time!

Our NYC whole group.
Selfies on the bus with my sisters.
Since we've been home, the weather has been fantastic and I've been trying to maximize my time enjoying the beauty that PEI has to offer. I'm always astounded by how beautiful it is at this time of year. We are so lucky to call it home.
I hit the beach three days in a row so I suppose shouldn't complain that it's going to rain all week. It will be a chance to get the house tidied up and some little projects finished up.
We've had some deck stain issues that we have yet to resolve. I'll be back this week with more on that. I decided to go on flower overload in the back yard as a distraction from the peeling floor boards! I'm not sure it's working but regardless, I'm officially in love with begonias this year.

 I hope you are all enjoying summer where you are. I plan to get back into the blogging groove this week so I hope you'll stop in again!


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