Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Update on Bunk Room.

We finally made some serious project in what I like to call the "little bedroom with 99 problems". The wallpaper came off, and along with it some of the plaster, which made for lots of patching. We ended up deciding to use a paintable wallpaper to achieve a smoother finish. That decision caused a few bumps along the way.

The first paper we chose had no pattern but wasn't pre-pasted. A couple of strips went up but they were quickly taken down after fighting with too many bubbles and the thinness of the paper showed every little imperfection. Next, we chose a paintable paper with a stripe mimicking wainscoting. Not my ideal choice but better then the alternative floral pattern that was also available. It was awful to put up! It tore very easily and there were imperfections in the paper which made for a ton of waste. Thanks Walmart! 

The thing about paintable wallpaper is that, once you are finished the job of hanging it, you still have to paint it all! We tackled that over the course of two nights, using Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. My favorite crisp white. Here is where the room stands now.

Next on the agenda is the trim but it's been far too nice outside the last few days to be indoors painting. It's a job for a rainy day.

Aren't the built in bunks awesome? They are Steph's brainchild and they turned out awesome. I'll do a post about them with the mattresses on, once we get the ladder made and installed. The wall lights are the Ikea Ranarp.

Still need to put up the overhead light, get something on that window and the walls! The fun part.


  1. It's looking so good! It's such a perfect space for what you're doing. Was that nook there before or did you create it just for the beds? Either way, it's going to look amazing.

  2. Oh I love this! What a smart idea and they work just perfectly in that room! Looking great.

  3. Those beds are AWESOME! Go Steph, go! Love how this room is coming together :)

  4. This room looks fantastic! The built in bunk beds are such a great idea. I can imagine this being a cute little place of sanctuary to come a play or read a book. The light is amazing in there as well :)

  5. Loooove the bunk beds and so jealous that you have such a great space in your home for them!

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