Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Tidbits.

Finally a few crocuses... Spring is here!
A great weekend all around! Got to see my girlfriends on Saturday night which was fun and reminded me we don't seem to get together enough. They really know how to make me laugh:) The weather was beautiful on Sunday so we spent the whole day outside, cleaning the yard (living next to an intermediate school means lots of chip bags and candy wrappers!), raking and trimming away all the dead leaves in the garden. Who knows, we could get another snowstorm yet but it was nice to see some signs that spring has arrived!

On our trip to Halifax, we picked up some new outdoor lighting. Steph had a chance to install them on Saturday. There is a new light above the stairs and a hanging lantern in the porch. There hadn't been a light there previously and I love it!

Please ignore the front of the porch. It's in desperate need of a paint job. Last year when I redid the porch, I got tired.. and decided to tackle it next year. Which is now here so it's been added to the to do list! Also, I only primed the ceiling last year so that needs to be painted too. Added to the list!

Here is an update on the bedroom. Remember when I was having trouble with sticky paint? I thought that putting a coat of Varathane might help. I was wrong! I have one more thing to try, then I will officially cry. I'll keep you posted. Thank you to all of you for your tips and empathy:)

On a brighter note, I got new pillows for the bedroom makeover! I ordered fabric from Tonic Living, planning to make a couple of pillows myself. Then I realized how sharp they would look with navy piping. That is out of my realm of sewing expertise so I brought them to Pins and Needles, a local sewing shop. They did a great job and for what it cost, I'm unsure if I will ever bother to make my own pillows again!

Yep, that is the headboard leaning against the wall behind. Yet to be hung. It was too nice out to inside working on projects.

To finish off the weekend, we went to see the Hunger Games last night. Here's my take, in case you are wondering and if you've see it, feel free to share your own opinion! Overall, I enjoyed it. It mostly stayed true to the book and it was well cast - Jennifer Lawrence was perfect as Katniss. I found myself torn between, finding it long and complete frustration, when so many details of the book were left out. I guess it's that typical lurking emptiness when a movie simply cannot fulfill all the details, emotions and intensity of a book. All in all, a good movie but as always, the book was so much better!

Here's to sunny skies! Have a great week everyone!


  1. Just bookmarked Tonic Living - what a find!

  2. I was totally swooning over your front perch before I saw your note not to mind the paint. I didn't notice anything amiss. Actually, it looked like my dream resting spot. Love it Jane! Your home is breathtaking.

  3. You are so right about Hunger Games...I think that was exactly what was missing for me, all the depth and intensity! Dang it! I *so* wanted to love it! But the pillows are fantastic! I can't wait to see the bedroom makeover in all it's glory! (c:

  4. Yeah I didn't feel the movie conveyed the confusion of emotions between katniss and peeta or the reigning terror the capitol had to make life difficult in the districts. It was mostly good but I wasn't sure if you'd get as much form the movie if you hadn't read the book!

  5. Love than navy piping!! I saw most of the hunger games on SAturday (theater died with 10 min left and they couldn't get it up and going again...grrr...) but I totally agree with you. I was telling the Mr. a lot of the backstory that was left out and although it doesn't REALLY change the movie it adds a lot to the emotions, the fact that she has always supported her family by hunting, etc. etc....but he said he liked it, and I definitely think the casting is right on. We will be going back to watch another showing so we can see the end...just have to sit through another 2 hours to get there!

  6. Loving your home and the bedroom colors are want to see more!!


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