Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Freebie.

This week, I blogged about my new Eastwitching flamingo print. Alison from Eastwitching was digging the yellow frame and has decided to offer a freebie to my readers! You guys are just so lucky!

All you have to do is visit her shop and tell her your visiting from Modern Jane. She will then send you a free high res JPEG of 9 pretty pink flamingos. Aren't they sweet? They would be perfect framed or used on handmade cards.
While you are visiting, be sure to check out the rest of her shop! Here are some more of my favorites:

Okay, go now and get your free print! And have a wonderful day!
Thanks again Alison!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So Not Fun.

Warning.. There isn't a lot of pretty in this post. I'll get there eventually!

Last year when I finished scraping my shed, I swore it was the last time I'd scrape anything. What a messy, labor intensive job. But alas, I'm at it again. The front porch needs a major overhaul and I'm trying to do it on a budget. Yesterday I spent a good couple of hours scraping the lose 70 year old paint off the ceiling and trim. Then, I vacuumed the mess only to be told that I had a lot more scraping to do! :) So I guess I'm back at it today. I'd like to get a good coat of primer on it this week.
Here's a peek at my hard work:)

The rest of the makeover will include new steps, handrail and floorboards.

Not so pretty!

And of course lots of paint, and some fun finishing touches. I think my mailman will be happy if I get a mailbox.. I've heard they aren't crazy for mail slots. Anyone have any good sources for nice house numbers?

I also got the notion, yesterday, to put in a garden in the back yard. The back corner was a mess of weeds and long forgotten rose bushes. I dug it out out and added a forsythia bush, an arctic willow and a clematis plant.

Before (or kinda half way thru):


There is room for more but I'll move some plants, that I'd like to divide, into it this fall. It was more work than I anticipated and I was eaten alive but it was strangely satisfying at the same time!

Plus, look how well my window boxes are doing! I'm pretty happy with them!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eastwitching Print.

I've been putting together a new gallery wall in the hallway downstairs. More to come on that.. My plan is to use all white and black frames with a few colored ones here and there. I can picture it in my mind and I'm hoping it turns out like I envision!
I ordered this giclee print from etsy seller eastwitching and I love it!

What can I say? I'm digging flamingos lately! I hung it on the wall in a simply white frame and mat. Then, I remembered the flamingo print that Lindsay framed, inspired by Sarah Richardson.

So I copied her was inspired by her and my frame was sprayed yellow too! :) 

What do you think?

Also, has anyone used H2O spray paint before? I made the mistake of trying it on a few frames. It's runny and drippy. Looks like I'll be sanding and repainting in a attempt to salvage them!
I'll share more of my gallery wall as it comes together! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Took The Plunge.

I did it. I bought myself a new camera! I ended up going with the Canon T1i. I got a good deal on it and from what I heard the only real difference between it and the T2i was the quality of video and I don't think that's a feature I would frequently use.
I am currently using only the auto function but will need to do some more reading about using in it manually. I hope to take a course in the Fall.
Here are some of my first shots! Beaufort was my subject.. much to his dismay.

"The half smile". I think he was seriously annoyed with me at this point.

There's a smile! Snaggle teeth and all. 
The vet thinks he couldn't win a beauty contest with those chompers but I still think he's beautiful:)

Ok, I'll admit it. Distinguished is his best look!

Here is my handsome nephew who came by last night for a visit and a few drinks.
Another guy who doesn't like getting his picture taken.. too bad!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Heart Super Black Mulch.

When I moved into my house the weeds in the overgrown side garden drove me insane. I dug everything out and turned over the soil every few days and I still couldn't keep them all at bay. Last summer, we rented a tiller and turned all the soil but the weeds prevailed. I ended up tearing out most of the plants and starting over.

This summer things were a little better but I decided mulching it would help. It looks so much better. It's a bit more expensive than the other colors but I simply love the super black fine mulch. My brother took me out yesterday with his trailer and we bought a scoop. More than enough to cover the garden.

Here is the garden prior to mulch. Good ole' PEI red soil!

And here is the garden now. The plants really pop against the black and it feels so much tidier. Here's hoping that it's less weeding for me!

I'm really happy with how it turned out!
Off to the beach today. It's supposed to be a hot one!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun Finds.

I did some thrift store shopping with my sisters. It has got to be one of my favorite things to do! I love to find those few pieces that just need a little cleaning up and a new home. No luck on finding a mirror yet! I'm still looking though.
I picked up a small glass cake tray and used just the top when accessorizing my coffee table tray for summer. It's  a home for a few shells on top of my Domino book. I left my piece of coral and added a starfish made out of sand for a summer/beachy feel.

I picked up a couple of white vases for a $1 each to add to my increasing collection of white ceramic pieces. It seems that I am drawn to them. They are so versatile.. you can never have too many, right?

Speaking of white ceramics.. like my new salt and pepper shakers? I think they are just sweet. Especially for $1.

I didn't get the mulching done as planned, as it rained most of the day. I went to see Will & Kate and didn't get to see much at all. I loved all the TV coverage though. I think they had a wonderful time here in PEI!
This is my best shot of the day.

The Duke and Duchess arriving at the Summerside Marina.. Like I said, I didn't get very close! Some of my friends were much more lucky and got some great shots. It was a rainy day and they had been out all day on the beach and rowing dragon boats but she was still absolutely beautiful! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Finally Feels Like Summer!

Well, school is over and the weather has been beautiful! My whole family is home for a summer visit so all 5 kids and 6 grandchildren have been hanging around my mom and dad's a lot, chatting, laughing and eating too much. It's been so much fun! Having family around is good for the soul:)

We found some time to do some yard work around my place today. I appreciate the help from my sisters and my nieces! Even my little 5 year old niece, visiting from Korea, dug right in and pulled out her share of weeds.

My foxgloves are beautiful! I was bummed to hear that that are a bi-annual so they won't be making an appearance next year. Oh well, enjoy them while they last!

I also got some new neighbors in the house you see in the background. They have a wonderful family who have been in and out the last few days helping them get set up!
I promised to post the progress on my annual pots. I'm not totally loving them this year.. again. I just don't seem to have the knack! But they are better than when they started:)

I also put some impatients in the shed's window boxes. The pink looks really nice against the grey. I can't wait for them to grow for bigger impact!

Tomorrow, I plan to mulch the gardens and of course, walk down to catch a glimpse of the William and Kate, who are visiting Summerside today as part of their Canadian tour! I wonder what she'll be wearing??
Her Canada Day outfit was nothing short of perfect! 

Wish me luck!
Happy 4th to my American readers! Enjoy the day!