Monday, June 27, 2011

School's Out!

Our students finished school today, so I said goodbye to my 13 little munchkins. They were a super class and although they are more than ready, I am sad to send them on to grade 3. The year went by so quickly! We teachers still have 3 more days of work, but once we wave on those buses the last teaching day, it seems that summer holidays have arrived.

I am hoping that when I head back to work in September that this is how I'm feeling. I have a long to-do list this summer but I need a real kick in the butt if I plan to get anything done. I tell myself to start early, not waste any time, but I'm sure family visits, long walks with Beaufort, drinks with friends, good books and lazy beach days will interfere with those plans. But isn't that what summer is all about?

Regardless, I'm going ahead with good intentions! I hope to check off more than a few items off this list:
  • fix up front porch
  • tear out side flower bed
  • mulch gardens
  • paint dining room
  • touch up trim
  • create gallery wall in hallway
I can't bear to add more... it will just stress me out:) If I get a few things done I'll be happy! Bring on Summer!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

It's obvious that I love anything painted. Paint has the power to transform a tired piece of furniture into something wonderful. Lately, I've been spotting beautiful painted mirrors that add that perfect, unexpected pop of color to a room. If you can't commit to painting a piece of furniture, it's the perfect solution. A simple mirror can have a new life with just a can of spray paint!
My spare bedroom, which has been put on the back burner lately, desperately needs that pop. I'm on the hunt for a large mirror to place over the dresser. That mirror will be getting a peppy makeover. Maybe navy blue, green or even coral?
Here are some inspiration pics from Pinterest.. seriously, what would we bloggers do without Pinterest?

Source: via Jane on Pinterest
Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Here is a little tip for you. When painting a mirror or glass, don't bother taping it off. A sharp blade will easily remove the paint afterward and allows for a clean, crisp edge. Plus, saves time!
I can't wait to find the perfect mirror:)

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Perfect Island Wedding

I am so excited to share the work of some talented fellow islanders. They worked together to create a stunning photo shoot of the perfect Prince Edward Island wedding and yesterday it was featured on the Destination Page for Style me Pretty. Two friends of mine got to be part of it- Michelle Cudmore was the professional make-up artist and my own sweet hair stylist, Cheryl Weeks, did the hair. They are both incredibly talented!

You absolutely must head over and check out rest of the photo shoot. It is absolutely amazing.
Style Me Pretty? or Style Me Perfect? Maybe you'll be inspired to come have your wedding in PEI.
Heck, Will and Kate are honeymooning here next week! I'm anxious to see if they will fall in love with our island as we all have..
Here is a little video of my home. It's not too late to make summer travel plans! If it's good enough for the Royals, it good enough for you! Haha.. I should really work for PEI Tourism:)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pineapple Lamps

I'm so excited! Remember yesterday when I spotted the pineapple lamps in my sister's photo?

I knew they were too good to let sit there. I've been helping my friend Christa with her living room transformation and I knew they would be perfect but wondered if I could convince her. We headed to Coulson's this afternoon to check them out and it didn't take much convincing. She got the pair for $25 so you couldn't go wrong!
She sent me a photo tonight of one with a new white drum shade and I love it!

I think they are going to be perfect in the room, which is coming along beautifully! The curtains are awesome and the couch was delivered last week! Can't wait to share the full reveal with you all!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

She's caught the painted furniture bug.

Happy Monday! Still no decision made on a camera and I'm dying without one. I forgot just how much I used it! I keep finding things that I want to take a picture of to share with you.. frustrating but hopefully I'll make a decision soon!
It was a bit of a quiet weekend. The weather is just not cooperating this spring for us here in PEI. I still haven't been able to put away my coats and sweaters!
My sister Julie has caught the painted furniture bug. Possibly from me? She asked me to go check out this piece for her at Coulson's to see what I thought.

I told her to definitely go for it. With a a little elbow grease, sanding, a fresh coat of paint and new hardware, I saw it's potential right away. Plus, the price was right which always helps!
She got to work this weekend sanding and cleaning the piece. Today she planned to fill the holes and give it a good coat of primer. Next up is the big decision. What color should she paint it? Should she play it safe and go with a classic white or go with something unexpected to add a bright pop of color in her living room? The walls are a soft green-grey and she has a lot of white/cream accents.
Here are a few of my favorite painted pieces as some inspiration. They aren't all dressers but I just couldn't leave them out!

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

And wait a minute.. do you spot that pair of pineapple lamps? I think I could find a spot for those in a hurry. I guess I'm off to Coulson's today to check them out!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things I've Discovered.

I've been reflecting lately on what I've learned both from blogging and from renovating/decorating my home. 
I compiled a little list...

Things I've Discovered

1. That every color is my favorite color. For instance, I will never again say that I hate yellow. 
I am currently loving it and would have vehemently denied it 6 months ago.

2. That paint can hide a multitude of sins. It's possibly my dearest friend.
This was seriously hideous prior to pretty soft blue paint.
3. That I'm not one for cleaning up after projects. Paint brushes are a buck at the Dollarama and are actually pretty good. I just throw them away after. I'll spend a dollar over cleaning brushes any day!

4. That I have a huge appreciation for artists. I thought abstract painting was easy. 
It's clearly not. You need talent! Believe me.. I've tried:)

5. That I really need a good camera. My blog will thank me. (This is me justifying a major purchase).

6. That I should not fear a power tool. Knowing how to do it yourself saves you time instead of waiting for someone to help you out. I'm still working on this one.

7. That I am spatially unaware. I wasted A LOT of wood when trying to cut 45 degree angles for my wainscoting on the stairs. Seriously. It was ridiculous and I felt incredibly dumb.

8. That I don't think I will ever clearly define my personal style. 
I'm constantly inspired by completely different looks.
Inspiration is everywhere!

I'd love to hear some of what you have learned!

Also, a big thank you to Carol at The Design Pages for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog award along with some other Canadian bloggers. Thanks Carol!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Girl Camera... Suggestions?

So, since my trusty point and shoot camera has decided to quit on me, I've decided now may be the time to invest in a big girl camera. I've been thinking about it for a while but researching makes my brain hurt and I'm no further ahead.
I'm no pro and I don't need to take pictures of hummingbirds from down the street. Just a good camera that will allow me to get crisp, bright, clear shots. I am willing to do the work to learn how to use one and may even take a course. I love reading photography tips on Pioneer Woman - she is talented and funny!
But realistically, I may be using the Auto setting for the first while until I get it figured out. But I do want to the flexibility to get more creative. Summer is the best time to practice!
I've done some research and talked to some friends and have somewhat narrowed it down to the following.

Then, I heard that the T1i's are being cleared out and that they are really great.. few differences from the T2i. They don't seem to be easy to get your hands on though.

Does anyone have one of these? Do you like it? Would you recommend it? 
Maybe you have something different and think I should have it too?
I would love any input at all that you could offer!
Thanks Lovies:)

btw.. anyone else have their signature disappear when the new blogger came into effect??

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Shower ~ It's Easy Being Green.

It was such a beautiful day for a baby shower. We had some much fun, ate yummy food and got to celebrate my sweet friend Emily who is soon to be a new momma!
I hosted the party at my house and Emily's friends were more than helpful! They brought delicious food and gorgeous cupcakes, planned fun games with sweet prizes and even did Emily's makeup. She looked so beautiful!
I wanted to share some of my decorations with you. Since the sex of the baby is going to be a surprise I decided to go with a shades of green theme.
Dessert Table

I made tissue paper pompom balls in two shades of green.

A few desserts, some candy and some fresh flowers from the garden. 
Enjoy your rhododendrons now.. they don't stick around long!

A simple little DIY banner tops the cake. 

 mmm.. chocolate covered strawberries.

Drink Station

Cucumber infused water and a simple punch.


The bunting flag was inspired by Lindsay's post on the Style at Home blog
I also bought my felt from the etsy seller ILoveFelt.

Here are a few more details...

Another DIY bunting flag. This time with paper!

A picture book without words. All the guest wrote messages to the baby as a keepsake!

I'm bummed that I didn't get photos of the food table. It had a sweet wrapping paper as a table runner, fresh flowers, candles and tons of yummy food. It seems, unfortunately, that my camera bit the dust! :(
Which also means that I didn't get any photos at the shower. Hopefully someone will send some my way!

I had so much fun preparing and I'm sad that it's all over now!
Can't wait to see that baby's sweet little face in a month's time. Em and I live a short walk away from each other, so I hope she realizes that the girl who doesn't work in the summer (aka me) will be over every day getting in some snuggle time!