Monday, June 27, 2011

School's Out!

Our students finished school today, so I said goodbye to my 13 little munchkins. They were a super class and although they are more than ready, I am sad to send them on to grade 3. The year went by so quickly! We teachers still have 3 more days of work, but once we wave on those buses the last teaching day, it seems that summer holidays have arrived.

I am hoping that when I head back to work in September that this is how I'm feeling. I have a long to-do list this summer but I need a real kick in the butt if I plan to get anything done. I tell myself to start early, not waste any time, but I'm sure family visits, long walks with Beaufort, drinks with friends, good books and lazy beach days will interfere with those plans. But isn't that what summer is all about?

Regardless, I'm going ahead with good intentions! I hope to check off more than a few items off this list:
  • fix up front porch
  • tear out side flower bed
  • mulch gardens
  • paint dining room
  • touch up trim
  • create gallery wall in hallway
I can't bear to add more... it will just stress me out:) If I get a few things done I'll be happy! Bring on Summer!!!


  1. yeah...i hear you on the to do list...mine is endless.

  2. yahoo! good news for you (PS - how do they have their last day on a monday? haha) Enjoy the summer...and hey, if you get to a few of those things on your list you'll be in good shape. Wouldn't want to show the rest of us up after all.

  3. Well congrats on another year behind you and a big summer ahead of you. BTW, you only had 13 kids in your class??? My kids both have almost 30 in their classes.

  4. Can't wait to see the projects...especially the porch and dining room!!!

  5. Congrats! Now you can breathe and tackle the list. My kids are done and fly out to visit grandparents and their farm in AB. so I am going to tackle my to-do list!

  6. Enjoy your well-earned break from the classroom. I stumbled upon your blog tonight and as a new blogger and former teacher, found it lovely and intriguing. Your home is beautiful. Even though it's now July, I especially loved your Christmas photos.

    Much continued success. You have found a new follower. Happy Summer!


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