Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Don't tell me...

that balloon shades are coming back in style. I don't think I could handle it.
I just saw these on This is Glamorous.


country living

Seriously. Although, I will say that I LOVE the floors in both images. Painted chevron and penny rounds. I'd die for either of them. Stephane will be quick to remind me that it wasn't that long ago that I said I "wasn't into" painted floors. Well, I changed mind. You were right!

School's out!

Last day for teachers at school tomorrow and that means time to get going on some summer projects. I've been feeling swamped by report cards, paperwork, filing and cleaning up a year of being unorganized in my classroom. I had a great year with my sweet class but it is time for a break! First up is some gardening and painting my shed!
The shed currently looks like this (minus the snow):

I can't wait to get it cleaned up, scraped and painted. I'm thinking the same grey as the trim around the windows with white trim and door. I'm totally inspired by some of these images. I know it won't be that great but less of an eyesore at least!

I don't think I'd mind working so much if I could do it here! Oh wait, I don't work in the summer:)

Stay tuned for my after pics!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Styling a mantel isn't easy. But if you don't do it right you are totally missing out on a great opportunity to accessorize your room. My own fireplace has gone through a series of arrangements but nothing that has really felt right.
I decided to source out some photos for inspiration and now I'm sharing what I've learned with you!

1. Asymetrical displays are much more relaxed.

desire to inspire


elle decor

sarah richardson

southern living

courtney giles

2. Place an odd number of items together. Three things always look better than two! Even better, keep the color continuous. Mixing too many colors make for a cluttered look. I am currently trying out all white.


house and home

3. Vary the height and size of objects. Start with something tall and layer forward. Not too big though, or it will appear heavy and overwhelming.

house and home

elle decor

4. I'm torn with the whole mirror idea. I have one over my mantel and it seems like the natural thing to do. But most fireplaces are tall and you can't see yourself in them anyway. If they reflect something beautiful in the room or make a great statement that works for me!

elle decor

elle decor

ann mihn

ann mihn

Just my two cents!:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I finally got new knobs to replace the ugly ones that were on this cabinet.

Actually, I got them a while ago and just put them on. I think they are really pretty!
I found them on the bottom of a shelf at Winners. There were 4 in a pack for $7.99. They are strangely similar to these from anthropologie at $12.00/knob.

Pretty close match don't you think? I love a good bargain!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


One project I have in mind for the summer is fixing up my staircase. In the beginning, the stairs were in rough shape to say the least.

I had the treads refinished when the floors were done and I painted out the risers and trim white. Stephane showed me how to put mouldings on the wall to make it look like recessed panels. It looks a thousand times better than it did.

My plan was always to paint the ballusters white as well and put a dark stain on the banister. However, lately I'm inspired by all white railings and think maybe I should go that way. Well actually, I'll be honest. Painting it all out would be the easiest solution because I have this to contend with:
Keep in mind there are 48 ballusters. They meet up with the handrail so how would you ever tape that off?

So what do you prefer?

White ballusters and dark handrail?

via decorpad
via decorpad

or all white?

via sarah richardson

via decorpad

In the end I don't know if I could really paint it all. It seems too permanent. But it really would be so much easier and I kinda like it.
Also, since we are on the subject of stairs. Iif I ever build a house I would totally do this:

I think it's genius!