Tuesday, June 29, 2010

School's out!

Last day for teachers at school tomorrow and that means time to get going on some summer projects. I've been feeling swamped by report cards, paperwork, filing and cleaning up a year of being unorganized in my classroom. I had a great year with my sweet class but it is time for a break! First up is some gardening and painting my shed!
The shed currently looks like this (minus the snow):

I can't wait to get it cleaned up, scraped and painted. I'm thinking the same grey as the trim around the windows with white trim and door. I'm totally inspired by some of these images. I know it won't be that great but less of an eyesore at least!

I don't think I'd mind working so much if I could do it here! Oh wait, I don't work in the summer:)

Stay tuned for my after pics!


  1. Either way - flowers and window boxes are adorable!

  2. Very excited for you !! My youngest son of 14 with 3 older sisters has just finished his last day of school today aswell ! You have inspired me to get that list going for summer projects! Hey i was also wondering if sometime you could post some more pics of your flower pots on ur deck just wanted to see how there doing and any special love you may give them. My flowers arent so great, we have had alot of rain in Central B.C. Canada and they are not looking good. Alright thanks so much, love your blog

  3. Oh I want to move in to any one of these cabins! They are so pretty and smack of escape with a touch of arty luxury! Good luck on your project and enjoy your well earned rest (I should know - I am an ex-elementary school teacher!)


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