Monday, May 31, 2010


With the nice days we've been having lately my attention has turned outdoors. I've been cleaning out my flower beds and it seems like I have to cut my grass every time I turn around. My new favorite passtime is pulling out the dandelions from the lawn with a weeder. It is strangely satisfying. Last weekend, I cleaned the windows outside and it made me think about how far they have come.
Here is the before shot:

Last summer, Stephane and I spent a long time fixing up the trim around the windows of the house. Over the winter he had installed 23 new insert windows in the house. What a difference it made! The downfall was that the outside of the house looked well.. kinda terrible.
There were storm windows covering the original windows. Which meant if there was a window that wasn't painted shut you still couldn't get any air in. The storm windows had been siliconed to the frames and did some damage when we tore them off. The original frames had been capped with a white metal and those got bend and torn as well.
Basically, there were 2 choices. #1 : Have someone come in and recap the metal around each window. A somewhat expensive option and only available in white. #2 Tear off the metal (sharp!), repair the original wood, fill the holes with wood filler and car body filler, trim, prime and paint.
In the end, though time consuming #2 was the best option.

what a mess..

Here is Steph.. apparently sanding car body filler is not good for you..?

sanded and ready to prime

Here it is now:

can you find Beaufort?

I'll admit that the task was daunting and I had my doubts throughout the process but in the end I think it looks pretty good! I love that painting the trim grey (PARA paints, weathervane) brought some color to the house.
I painted my door a bright green which is sort of out of character for me. I had some mixed reviews but I think the color has mellowed and I have grown to really like it.
For now I just need a top up of black mulch in the gardens, and some plants for my hanging baskets.
The porch and steps need some work and I definitely need a light fixture. I REALLY don't like the black and white stripes on the face of the house but I'm not quite sure what to do yet. Any suggestions?

Friday, May 28, 2010


So it looks like I won't be going to see the movie on Saturday night but there is always next week! I know I already mentioned it but I just think the set is great. Whether your are a SATC fan or not you have to appreciate how beautiful it is. I think I will want to move right in. My friend Raelene told me I am going to die when I see it :) I came across a feature on Elle Decor and thought I'd share. Apparently, at the beginning of the movie Carrie says: "I've been cheating on fashion with furniture". Well I'm glad she did!

Love the bubble light fixture
Love this one too!
Which side would your take?
I love the contrast of masculine/feminine and that she has some clothes on his side. Of course!
I still love Carrie's closet from the original apartment. Every outfit tells a story. Plus she had
her own little runway.

Tonight the first movie was on TV. I only watched a bit but laughed and cried. I hope I like the second one as much!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


In anticipation of Sex & the City 2, I've been watching the trailer and checking out pictures of the girls and the set design. Carrie and Big's house looks amazing. Check out this wallpaper!

I knew I recognized the pattern and I figured it out! It is from the line of wallpaper and fabric by Katie Ridder. It is called Oiseau and the color is chocolate. I love all the colorways of this print.

All my girls are heading out on Saturday night in celebration of our friend Amy's 30th. The plan is dinner and SATC! As of now, I have to work but I am dying to go! I can't wait to see the girls, the clothes, the sets, the decor...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So I haven't forgotten about my blog. I've just been a little preoccupied with this little gentleman.

Beaufort is a 2 year old Boston Terrier. He likes to snort, snore and have his belly rubbed. His hobbies include playing fetch with a deflated soccer ball, sucking on his blanket and watching HGTV ;)
Look at that face!
I promise I have a couple posts ready for this week so stick with me!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I finished painting a little table I picked up at Winners while shopping one day with my sister Julie. I loved the shape and size of it but it was an espresso wood and that just isn't my style. I bought it anyway and painted it up! I used an alkyd primer and latex paint (Natural white ICI) in semi-gloss. I did 2 coats but I think it needs another. Add it to the to-do list.

I placed it in between my two blue chairs. A perfect spot for morning coffee and a chat!

Don't mind the 2 different panels.. that is another post!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


It drives me crazy that I can't find nice pillows to put on my couch. Sometimes you can find some great ones at Winners in Charlottetown but only if you are lucky- it all depends on the day! Also, to me nothing beats down fill. It just isn't the same when they are synthetic. Nothing beats a fluffed and karate chopped pillow and you just can't get that look without feathers! (apparently karate chopping is now a big faux pas in the design world but I still love it)
If you need clarification see extreme karate chop below:
IKEA is the best source for down inserts but unfortunately we don't have one around here. If I were smart, I would have picked up a bunch last time I was there. I saw some at Fabricville last time I was there but I didn't think to check the price.
I decided to check out etsy for some pillow covers and found some great ones.. might have to place an order!
Eyeing Ikat?

elegant touch

elegant touch

Tripping for Trellis?

elegant touch





elegant touch

Seeing Stripes?



I like them all but none really work for me. Maybe for you?

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It is certainly no secret that I love wallpaper. It is such an easy way to add visual interest to a room. Especially for me who can't commit to hanging art! I have it in my living room (and I love it!), my dining room, entrance and my bedroom.
My new fascination is grasscloth wallpaper. Well, not new exactly considering I have taken home the sample book from Get Creative Interiors in Summerside on more than one occasion in the last 2 years. But lately I have been seeing it everywhere! I was originally drawn to the natural soft colors but now I see it in colors like turquoise and green. You can even get it with a pattern now.
The great thing about colored grasscloth is that it allows you to use color to make an impact on your walls but because of the color variation in the material it isn't as dramatic as a solid color.

via eddie ross
One downfall is that grasscloth is more expensive than most wallpapers and I've heard it is somewhat challenging to apply since it isn't prepasted. But rather than do a whole room you could do a small entryway. Or frame a section behind a bed with mouldings for a chic headboard? Or paper the back of a bookcase?

For those in Summerside who are interested, there is a good selection of wallpaper in stock at Get Creative Interiors (formerly Color Your World) on the All Weather Highway. They also have books to order from and the prices are very reasonable. The staff is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. It is worth a visit!