Friday, May 28, 2010


So it looks like I won't be going to see the movie on Saturday night but there is always next week! I know I already mentioned it but I just think the set is great. Whether your are a SATC fan or not you have to appreciate how beautiful it is. I think I will want to move right in. My friend Raelene told me I am going to die when I see it :) I came across a feature on Elle Decor and thought I'd share. Apparently, at the beginning of the movie Carrie says: "I've been cheating on fashion with furniture". Well I'm glad she did!

Love the bubble light fixture
Love this one too!
Which side would your take?
I love the contrast of masculine/feminine and that she has some clothes on his side. Of course!
I still love Carrie's closet from the original apartment. Every outfit tells a story. Plus she had
her own little runway.

Tonight the first movie was on TV. I only watched a bit but laughed and cried. I hope I like the second one as much!


  1. ahhh, love SATC. Maybe I'll be like Carrie and start to care about decor as much as I do about fashion!! One thing I do love, is a GOOD closet! :)

  2. Jane! Just perusing through your blog and came across this entry/comment. Well, it did come true! In fact, I feel the same way of the quote you included from Carrie saying that she's cheating on fashion with decor!

    Wow. What a difference a year makes! Now I LOVE decor. Realizing that decor is fashion for your home.. only more expensive ;)



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