Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ottoman Feature!

Yesterday I emailed Camilla over at High-Heel Foot in the Door to show her my ottoman inspired by her how-to instructions. I am so happy that she decided to post it on her blog! The comments have been lovely. Thanks so much Camilla!
The shed. It is coming. As usual, a much bigger job than anticipated but I'm getting there. Yesterday I ran out of primer so only half of the left side is painted. A blessing though because it was too hot to be painting!

In retrospect, I should have tinted the primer. It would make coverage easier when I start with the grey. And yes, I know there is paint on the windows! I find the easiest way to paint around window and mirror frames is to paint freely and remove it with a straight blade after.
Can't wait to see some color!


  1. I saw your ottoman and it came out great! I really love the colored fabric you chose. I was just perusing ottomans yesterday and will be posting about it tomorrow. I was thinking of a brown leather one, but yours is so much fun- maybe I could do that in the bedroom with a bench for the end of the bed. And thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with the shed. Looks like a big job:)

  2. Yay!!! I am now loving High-heeled-foot-in-the-door! Awesome posting.

    Finished Decorno and now VERY sad. I feel like I have lost a friend ha!

    I have to come by for a visit and see all the changes, and this shed!


Love hearing from you! Thanks so much :)