Friday, September 16, 2011

A Birthday & A Backsplash.

Hi all! Well, it was a good day! I am another year older and looking forward to the year ahead! I got lots
of sweet homemade cards from my students today and a few sweet treats!

I'll be doing a little of this over the weekend:

And this: 

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest
Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

And shopping for a little bit of this:

Thanks to some sweet people in my life! :)

Also, I had some inquiries about the backsplash in my sister's kitchen.

It's the Milky Way White Marble in the mosaic brick pattern from Olympia Tile. Check it out here. Hope this helps!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 
The end of summer is bittersweet.. I just love Fall! 
I may head out to pick out some mums for the new front step! :)


  1. yay! happy bday, jane!!! you deserve a nice relaxing weekend! and when is aw that cup of coffee, i was thinking that had better have some rum in it! but then i saw the wine come next, and went ah ok , much better!
    and i showed my husband your sister's backsplash yesterday. and that sounds so dirty and wrong, but i did and we love it!

  2. Have a wonderful Bday! Just took a look at your sis's sideboard, WOW, it is purdy! Have a great weekend!

  3. happy birthday!!! hope its your best one yet! enjoy the weekend -

  4. Happy Birthday! Spoil yourself rotten!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Enjoy every second of your weekend.

    Isn't it sweet when your students give you cards? I just love that!

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  7. Happy, happy birthday, Miss Jane! I love that you got homemade cards from your sweet (c: Hope it is a day filled with doing all the things you want to do and spending time with the peeps you love. And cake. Lot of cake (c:

  8. Happy belated birthday Jane! Hope it was fab. Your sister's backsplash is one of my faves.

  9. I just purchased that backsplash to be installed in my kitchen and I am still trying to decide on the counter. Could you tell me more about the counter in the picture? Thanks!

  10. That is a beautiful tiled wall. I am wondering what sort of tiles those are? How long did they take to install? What size are each of the tiles?



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