Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Outdoor Seating.

We got a new outdoor couch for our back deck! I am thrilled about it because it is going to totally change the way we use the backyard. It feels so much more lounge-like with the couch instead of the table and chairs that we had last summer.

Last summer's set up.

In theory, having a patio table and chairs sounds like a great idea. In reality, I don't actually like to eat outside. You have to truck everything outside, your napkins all blow away, not to mention all the bugs. Maybe I'm being dramatic but I just don't fully get its appeal. I'd actually rather prepare my plate inside then eat off my lap outside. Anyone with me on this?

This summer's set up.

We kept the two armless chairs from last year and moved them so that they sit side by side. The new couch sits adjacent to them. Perfect for conversation.

We were on the hunt for an outdoor sectional for a while. We couldn't really find anything that fit our style and fyi, they are not cheap! I happened to be flipping through the latest Style at Home mag and came across some super cool white outdoor dining chairs. I was surprised to see that the source was! Who woulda thought? 

This prompted me to check out their website where I found lots of awesome outdoor furniture. Ours is the Golden Beach collection and I subsequently found the same collection on Amazon and but with a higher price tag.

We ordered a few pieces, intending to make a sectional. When it arrived, we played around with a few arrangements and decided that just the couch worked best with the pieces we already had. Perfect, because this saved us some money when we sent one piece back. Win!

It also came with cushions to run along the armrest but they are the same size as the back cushions so hung off the end a bit, which seemed weird to me. Instead, we are using a couple of outdoor pillows that I picked up from the Threshold line at Target.

It was nice to sit out there on Saturday morning, lounging and having our coffee. I'm thinking I'll be much more inclined to sit out this this summer now that that the table is gone.


  1. Love that last picture - it looks so cozy! And man, I am SO jealous of your backyard, except I know how much hard work you guys put in to get it looking that way. So nice that you can just enjoy it this year! I actually love eating outside, but I think you've got to make your outdoor space work for you. No point in having a table if you won't actually use it!

  2. Walmart?? That is surprising, We use our yard A LOT. We have a TV set up under the roof to. but we just have a table out there and have been wanting a couch to make it more of a living area. I will be checking out Walmart next. Your yard looks great!

  3. I am the same way. I prefer to just lounge outside and eat off a plate in my lap! The new couch is so great. Love the square legs!

  4. thanks for sharing this. I saw your couch on Instagram and wondered were you found it. I've been on the hunt for an affordable couch for our covered porch for years!

  5. That is the perfect relaxing spot! Love your entire deck area!

    Angela @ number Fifty-Three

  6. This is beautiful. Looks like a perfect spot to relax.

    I often wish we had outdoor lounging furniture instead of our table and chairs. But, I'm not ready to spend the money yet. Yet. ;)

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