Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Inspiration Board ~ Updated.


A couple of years ago, I made myself a little inspiration board for my office. I used an old frame, painted it white and placed a piece of foam core covered in cotton batting and a soft blue fabric inside. In the end, my "office" didn't get much use and the inspiration board hung, empty of any sort of inspiration.

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning my fridge (I think I could do it every day with stainless steel.. I was warned!) and decided I much preferred the simplicity of a cleared fridge but didn't want to part with the postcards, notes and photos that littered the surface.

That's when I decided to give the inspiration board a makeover. A fresh coat of bright white paint on the frame and new fabric (from Premier Prints that a picked up a couple of years ago).

I hung the board in the back porch, off the kitchen. It is filled with little items that I don't have the heart to stick into drawers because I love looking at them every day. Or at least whenever I'm in there using the microwave. Now my fridge doors are tidy and I have a more functional and stylish solution. 

So yes, I should have unplugged the microwave for the photo below. I'm keeping it real here! I live in an old house and my plugs are in random locations.


You should all send me cards. If they are cute, I'll put them on my board.

Just kidding. Sort of...:)


  1. Good idea, love the cute dog pics.

  2. Great idea! I need to get mine off my fridge. Funny about the outlets! That doesn't change in a newer house though! LOL! then "code" make your put them in all kinds of crazy locations and close together so there are like 16 in one area!

    House Envy

  3. That fabric makes me so happy. Love what you did with it!

  4. Love a clean fridge and the idea for an inspiration board.

  5. great idea Jane! love your fabric choice and the board looks so chic!

    I know you love shopping HomeSense as much as I do. I am hosting a giveaway on the blog ... check this out :)


  6. That would work well in my house for kids artwork. It would be nice to see the front of my fridge again! Great idea!


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