Thursday, September 5, 2013

DIY Abstract Brush Stroke Art.

A little while ago, I saw this abstract art piece in the gallery wall from Orlando's living room. It was from West Elm and the price was really not too bad. Of course, it also seemed like it would be oh so simple to make your own. I mean it's just brush strokes right? But if you've tried to do your own abstract art, you and I both know it's never as easy as it seems.

We had a large framed canvas hanging in our incomplete bedroom gallery wall and I would stare at it while in bed at night and wonder what we could paint over it to make it work. My thoughts drifted back to the West Elm art but never got around to trying it out.

Little by little, I started to see a few other bloggers who had the same idea and had actually made the attempt. Kristen's at The Hunted Interior was the one that sold me. It looked so fantastic above her green piece of furniture. 

I also discovered Amanda's and Emily's and they were awesome too. Plus, they made it sound super easy! I primed the canvas from my room and then while I was painting the staircase, used the same white paint to give the canvas a couple of good coats of white paint with my roller. Next, I crossed my fingers and simply dry brushed some thick lines with black craft paint. Simple as that.

Here is how it turned out. I'm not sure I would have it on display in my living room but tucked away in my bedroom where only a few critical eyes will see it, I quite like it.

The gallery wall itself is a work in progress. There was no measuring involved and mostly it's things that were in boxes but I wanted on display and found a place there. It needs some tweaking and there are a few spots where there are empty nails but someday it will be finished!

Some of my favorites are:
  • Photo from Steph's grandparent's wedding (very top, black frame). Everyone is so serious and mafia-like. 
  • My sweet mom and dad on their wedding day (top, white frame). 
  • One of my favorite quotes (I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart. ee. cummings) 
  • Stephane as a little boy holding his mom's hand (bottom right, white frame.) 
There are more on the other side but when it's all finished, I'll share them all at once. What do you think of my abstract piece among them?


  1. Wow! It turned out amazing! It totally looks like art created by a professional artist. I wish I was so talented.

  2. Totally worthy of the living room! Great job!

  3. Great Job Jane I love it!

  4. I absolutely love it! You did an amazing job. I think it would work anywhere. We are always our harshest critic, but I think it is very worthy of the living room! Show it off!! :)

  5. I too have seen several knock off this look and some other seemingly simple brush stroke art but I agree it looks easier than you think!!

    House Envy

  6. It looks so good! Love it because I'm always like " I could totally make that for cheaper" but I usually don't!

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  8. This looks so fantastic! I love it with the gold frame.

  9. Love! I've got a gold frame that I've been waiting to fill with this same thing. I'm obsessed w/this black and white art. I agree w/Pam, completely worthy of the living room for all to see. Turned out fantastic!

  10. What type of paint did you use? Regular interior house paint? Or acrylics? It is just lovely and I want to do one over my headboard-less bed :)

  11. What type of paint did you use? Regular interior house paint? Or acrylics? It is just lovely and I want to do one over my headboard-less bed :)


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