Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Updated Dining Room Reveal.

Over the last year I've really changed up the dining room from its brown walls and damask wallpaper that were the first look in the room. I've shared bit and pieces of the progress here and there but have yet to share the whole room.

Let's have a refresher and look at the before. My goodness my style has changed! Circa January 2011.

While Rachel was here doing our engagement photos, I also had her take some photos around the inside of the house. I myself take many photos of my home but it's fun to see it through the eyes (or should I say lens) of someone else, especially when that person is a photographer.

Slowly I'll be updating the house tour page with more recent photos. Some are very dated! Things are always changing around here and in not great at keeping up! Here are a few photos of the dining room from Rachel's visit.

all photos courtesy of Rachel Peters Photography

As you can see, much has changed. I've considered many times changing out the curtains for something less traditional but they still work in the room. I also haven't found any new ones or fabric that has me eager to make the change just yet.

Other than that, most everything is different! Here is a breakdown of sources.

The teak dining table and chairs belonged to Steph's family when he was little. You can see the makeover of the chairs here. The larger blue chairs at either end were a vintage find from years ago. I had picked them up at a local motel for $30 a pair and had them reupholstered in the pretty blue fabric. They used to be in the living room and have proved to be quite versatile.

The glossy white cabinet is from Structube and provides a lot of storage which we desperately needed in the room.

The pendant light is the George Nelson Saucer. I've wanted one forever and it's one of my favorite things in our home.

Two black shelves on either side of the cabinet are the Ikea Vittsjo. I am a collector of clutter books and objects so these come in very handy and I change up the styling frequently.

The framed chair prints are from Annechovie. The custom Beaufort portrait is by Kim Roach Design.

The paint color is ICI Meeting House. The same soft neutral used in the living room and hallways of my home.

Next up, the living room!


  1. Looks gorgeous! Love that sideboard. I've heard great things about Structube but I haven't investigated it much myself

  2. The room looks beautiful. You do so well with your styling and the photos are amazing!

  3. The pictures you have provided are simply amazing. The design is very clean and clear and the flowers really complete the overall look of the room.

  4. I love the new look- so much hipper and so much more you!

  5. Beautiful! I love the modern feel your white cabinet brings to the room, and your styling is perfect!

  6. I looove your dining room. Everything is gorgeous. Right now I'm scouring dining room photos for ideas as we're working on furnishing and decorating ours right now! :)

  7. Looking good! Did you paint the furniture piece under your chair prints? I love that blue!

  8. The photography is gorgeous and the room looks great!

  9. Love the mix of modern accents and traditional elements. Your dining room looks amazing.

  10. That looks great! love the serene color scheme! I am in love with those upholstered chairs at the end of the table!

    House Envy

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  12. Beautiful! Love the dining chairs!


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