Thursday, May 16, 2013

On My Mind.

 I'm realizing that I've spoiled my dog. He went from only coming up on the couch to snuggle if he was invited, to thinking he owns it. Time to show him who's the boss. Tough love time :(

I seriously think the #beautifulmess app is worth the 99 cents. 
So many great options and fun to play around with.

Ordered this minty-green throw from Indigo. A steal at 60% off! 
Hopefully Beaufort doesn't adopt it and suck holes in it. See above.

We booked our flights to the most magical place on Earth. Looking to rent a house that sleeps 6 with a pool in the Orlando area for a week in August. VRBO stresses me out. Any suggestions?

I've been eyeing my peonies very carefully, anxious for them to bloom. One of my most favorite flowers in prettiest of pink. Simple pleasures. Soon I hope!

It's a long weekend coming!


  1. I can't wait for the peonies to pop!! Love your new throw btw. :)

  2. I find peonies can be a little fussy. I see that yours has blooms developing so its going to flower but mine does not like the poppy I planted next to it and refuses to bloom (I've been waiting a few years now and have been too lazy to relocate it)

  3. You are going to love that throw! I got it last year I think and its so nice to cuddle up with.

  4. that throw looks beautiful!! good luck looking for a place - I always find VRBO and Home Away are my go to sites...maybe unavoidable! I think Trip advisor also lists rentals.

  5. awww you have a boston. we have a 4 yr old girl, and she is one of the smallest bostons we have seen, although she acts tough. love the breed.

    i have to agree, the beautiful mess app is lots of fun!

    1. Hi! We've rented three vacation homes thru VRBO/Home Away and two through Craigslist with no issues whatsoever and a couple of the places were located in the USVI. Just do your homework before sending any deposits. Verify ownership by requesting a recent utility bill that includes the address of the vacation home. You can also do a search through public assessment records. If you feel more comfortable you can rent through a rental agency but generally they charge additional fees. Good Luck!!! PS: My Grandmother was from PEI and I visited the island several times as a kid...would love to get back as an adult with my own family. Mary Lee


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