Monday, May 20, 2013

Long Weekend Blooms and Finds.

What a great long weekend! We got a few things done around the house but spent a lot of time relaxing and it was wonderful. Sometimes the weekends feel go, go, go and it was nice to have an extra day to sleep in after a night out with friends, catch a noon Crossfit class, unwind, watch some Netflix, make a nice late lunch and then skip supper. Love those days!

We did a little shopping around town on Saturday and I thrifted these brass candlesticks at $2 for the pair. Score! I had some peach candlesticks left over from a photoshoot and opted for those over my go-to white. Peach is a favorite of mine lately.

I could clean them up a bit but currently I find their aged, tarnished finish irresistable. I can't get enough gold and brass tones in my life these days. Peach and gold.. is this the 90s? Who woulda thought?

I have a plentiful patch of tulips on the side of my house. I'm sure they were planted years ago, long before I ever lived here. Some of them have blooms as big as my head. Or not, but you get the idea. Huge, I tell you! Among them were these pretty pink and white ones which I clipped and brought into the house. Might as well enjoy them while they are still here!

I also cut this lonely tulips blooming all by it's lonesome. Rarely do I see them with so many petals. So pretty! I'm very anxious to see some other things blooming. Peonies and rhododendrons are my favorite!

Back tomorrow with some backyard progress!


  1. Gorgeous! Those candlesticks are a serious steal too, great find :)

  2. flowers just make you feel so much better don't them?

  3. Your tulips look like peppermints (the yummy soft kind)! I don't think I've ever seen these before. So beautiful.


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