Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Softening Up for Spring!

I've been bored with our black and white bedroom. I like that it feels clean and crisp with the white walls and I still love the floral wallpaper on the slant wall behind the bed. However, I want to soften the space with some color and texture.

First up, I moved my 'For Like Ever' print from another bedroom into ours.

I also added a little pink ikat pillow. I think I'll also ditch the black pillows for something a little lighter.

And I suppose that is all I really did! The question is, do you think I can pull off some panels on the window? I think it may provide some softness if they don't overpower the size of the window. (This is an old photo but it gives you an idea.) I have soft grey linen Ikea Aina panels that I could use. 

I'd love your input! Feels good to be back to blogging. It's soon time to start planning our bathroom renovation!


  1. i am loving the touches of pink in there- soooo pretty!

  2. Welcome back! I like all the hits of pink. Would a panel cover up your print? You could also do a relaxed roman, which is a bit softer than the flat roman you had previously.

  3. Agree- Love the additions and yes, you could get away with some panels. Have you considered a soft blush/peachy color with maybe a grey/charcoal border?

  4. Welcome back! I love the hint of pink in there! As for a panel, You might want to try "taping' it up just to get a sense of how it would look before you hang rods, etc. It would give a layer of softness and depth! Or just make a new blind like Jen suggested!

  5. Hi Jane, Love the pink print with pink pillow, a really nice soft restful feel for your bedroom. I would definitely go with a soft cotton or linen panel.. maby white..but I think it would definitely work with the feel of the pretty pink, looks nice, good call on moving this print :)


Love hearing from you! Thanks so much :)