Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fiddle Figs and Reno Woes.

Marion House Book (I wish it were mine!)

I bought myself a fiddle leaf fig bush over the weekend.  The beloved plant that's taken the design world and Pinterest boards by storm, stealing our hearts with it's big floppy green leaves. I've been dying for the tree version since I saw it over at Marion House Book.

I can't seem to find the tree around here. Prestige Floral, a local florist got some of the bush variety in stock so I snatched one up. Let's see how long I can keep it alive.. I always have the best of intentions. I found a guide online so I'll do my best to do what I'm told.

In other news, I've mentioned it here before but 2013 called for a long overdue bathroom renovation. Like really long overdue. Is there such thing as further than the back burner? We finally had our plumber in today for an estimate.

Insert reality check here.

I spent the rest of the evening feeling a bit dejected. Not about the cost (bathroom renovations are expensive and we knew that) but more so about the scope of the project and the reality that renovating a bathroom, when you only have the one, is extremely challenging, and disruptive over an extended period of time.

This led to an entirely different discussion:

What we want out of this home?
How long do we plan to stay?
Are there other options?
Should we add another washroom? 
Maybe we should move! Nah:)

I wish I could tell you more but I don't know just where we go from here, just yet. All I know is that I want a new washroom! Like yesterday.


  1. Renovating bathrooms is hugely inconvenient. We renovated our main bathroom and expanded our 1/2 bath to a full bath and replaced our plumbing stack in one go. It was stressful pickiing out fixtures for both bathrooms at once but I am glad we did it all at once. We were only without a toilet for 3 days and we showered at the gym for 2.5 weeks until the first shower was completed. When the bathrooms were done they were so nice and such an improvement over what we had, the pain and inconvience of the reno was definitely dulled.

  2. Ugh. I feel the exact same way about our kitchen reno. We keep leaving it as-is (which is horrible) with the intent on tackling it "soon".

    It's such a huge job that we just keep pushing it back. The peeling linoleum floor is starting to get on my nerves. Like a lot!

    On a positive note, that fiddle-dee-dee bush (haha) is awesome and now I want one.


  3. Fiddle leaf figs are hard to kill. We bought one (a tree variety) over a year ago and it's still alive and well - which is actually surprising since I kill succulents and cacti which can basically live where no other plants can. My trick is to let it dry out completely. I only water our big tree every couple of weeks, each time with about a litre of water. Good luck with yours....I do like that it can fit on a table...the big ones need a lot of space.

  4. Sounds like a pain in the &*(^ to renovate but in the end so worth it! I have been on the look-out for those trees too, so far I have managed to keep ivy and a fig tree alive!! And I have the same brass birds as you!

  5. I was trying to find one of the fiddle fig trees for a client recently and none to be found out here either. Maybe I'll try out the bush. Lots to think about but sounds like they're all pretty amazing options.

  6. I have the perfect spot for a fiddle leaf fig tree in my living room, but I too have yet to find one. I've heard people buying theirs at Home Depot...so I'll have to renew my search once again. Bathroom reno...yeah. We just finished a massive three year reno (converting our garage into a bed/bath, dining, mud/laundry room) and now my husband (surprisingly) wants to gut the existing bathroom. I'm not complaining though;) It's for my boys so I'm super excited to pull everything together. I'm just glad that we now have another b-room to use when this one gets pulled apart. Good luck with your decision...that's a tough one:/ Can you DIY stuff in there to cut costs??

  7. So depressing! Have you thought of getting a second opinion?? Something contractors can see things differently too...

    But I love that faux fiddle or whatever you want to call it!

  8. Loving the fiddlehead! It looks amazingly stylish.

  9. Love your new fiddle leaf fig bush, I've been lusting over one too - so pretty!

  10. Hi Jane, welcome back :-)

    I know what you mean about the bathroom renos. We have two dated baths and while I'm updating one on the cheap - paint here and there - the other is totally torn apart and it's sat like that for months. It's very expensive, but I'd say, take your time, get another estimate maybe and see what you can do yourselves. It will be worth it!


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