Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Art Prints.

I have a few new Etsy prints in my home these days. The feather one, above, is from Amber Alexander's shop and satisfies my current love of feathers. I wonder if it's the season but I'm loving all things feathered lately. This print in particular, is from her line of turkey feathers. I've been changing things up on the gallery wall behind the couch so I'll share more of that soon!

I also received a couple of gold letterpress prints in the mail yesterday too from Shop JSGD. I can't wait to get them hung up!

I'm thinking in my bedroom... Speaking of which. I got me some new bedside lamps. Can't wait to show you!


  1. There are no words to describe how much I love those letterpress prints. So amazing.

  2. I'm a huge feather fan too! Can you have too many feathers in one room? I may be hitting the limit. ha! And your print...it's awesome.

  3. Love the feather print. Been thinking about getting a feather tattoo.....so pretty!

  4. I'm a big fan of Amber's work and love the feather print that you've chosen. I picked out a few that I might use in my daughter's next room. Also thanks for the tip on the other shop - they are new to me and I love discovering new shops.

  5. I'm all over that feather print. I have another feather print from etsy although its more colorful.

    loving this different take.

    i have been obsessed with them too! i blame it on my allergy and not being able to have "real life feathers."

    thats my story and im stickin to it.

  6. I love that feather print and I'm also loving the new look to your blog! It looks great.

  7. Love the feather print {and can't wait to see your updated gallery wall :)} and the letterpress prints are so simple and so pretty! Great choices!

  8. oooh...such an attractive feather print. great find.


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