Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Bedside Lamps.

It has been a long while since I shared my bedroom. It's not overly large but I like the layout of the room and how fresh and bright it feels. My House Tour page is embarrassingly out of date. I may start the update with this room, now that I have some new lamps! I really need to get on that. Like soon. The house doesn't even look the same!

I picked up the lamps last week at Winners on a quick shopping trip. The ones I had there previously were simply doing the job. They were too small and I'd been searching for replacements for many months. Because the ceiling is slanted above the bed, the lamps couldn't be too tall but I wanted something with some weight.

I think the new ones fit the bill. They fill up the space and are so much prettier! I don't keep much on the table other than lamps and maybe a book or magazine. I'm a huge vignette fan but a clear space beside my best feels right to me.  

 Still love my Audrey Hepburn print!

I'm thinking of recovering my bird pillow with some new fabric. I'm over birds. I was sort of thinking black and white spotted fabric with pink piping. I'm sure I'll change my mind a dozen times. I'm open to suggestions!

My nightstands are part of the Hemnes series at Ikea (which don't seem to be available anymore). My headboard is vintage (with a chevron pattern!) which I freshened up with a coat of glossy black paint. Did I mention that I still love love love my wallpaper? It almost feels like it was hand sketched and seems to disguise the fact that the ceiling is slanted over the bed.

I'll try to get more photos of the room soon so that I can update my house tour. Then move on to update the rest of the house tour as well!

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  1. love it...especially the papered wall : ) love the print!

  2. Oh, I really like those lamps. The wallpaper is fantastic. Dreamy. I say go crazy bold with the pillow. Love the piping idea, too.

  3. I like the idea of a bold pillow too! Maybe something that enters a third colour into the space? Love the wallpaper :)

  4. It's crazy how the wallpaper disguises the slant! I know what you mean about bedside tables - I always want to style mine, but then I find that stuff just gets in the way when I need a spot to put a glass of water or a magazine!

  5. Jane I adore your new lamps. I am looking for bedroom lighting myself!!

    2012 Artists Series

  6. That wallpaper IS lovely! And I love the shine on those lamps....your room actually needed something shiny!

  7. Love the lamps, and the wallpaper is just ah. maze!

  8. Your bedroom is lovely,
    love your wallpaper
    and that lamps fits right in there.

  9. The new bedside table lamp are fabulous! Matches your bedroom perfectly. The wallpaper looks amazing too! Where is it from?

  10. The lamps are pretty. As for the pillow, what about a black/white herringbone pattern with pink piping?

  11. I Love the your wallpaper on your sloped ceiling- just lovely!

    Montreal should be gorgeous and all of the Maple trees should be colorful!!

    Laura xo

  12. I didn't even realize the ceiling was slanted ~ that's tough, great job finding the lamps that work. Onto that fabulous wallpaper...WOW! I'd choose a pillow with some pink and orange. :)

  13. So gorgeous! I love teh black and white, but especially love your suggestion of b/w dots with pink piping! That would be fun. The wallpaper is beautiful and absolutely disguises the ceiling slant! Well done.

  14. Those lamps are perfect for the space!

  15. great switch!! Winner/HomeSense just know how to get us fab products for less!

    While we are on bedroom talk, may I just say how much I love your wallpaper? Gorgeous and fantastic choice for the room!

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