Monday, August 1, 2011

La Belle Province.

I've been MIA lately and I'm sorry! I have a lot of catching up to do reading all my favorite blogs and seeing what great projects everyone is up to. I spent 5 days in Perce, Quebec. It was fun, relaxing and good for the soul! I was unprepared for the beauty of the landscape and finally had an opportunity to use my new camera!

Here are a few shots from the trip.

Perce Rock, seen from the boat we took to Bonaventure Island. I see a hungry, hungry hippo... what do you see?

The Perce coastline. (I need to learn to hold my camera straight!)

I was enthralled by the colony of Gannet bird. It is said that there are over 50,000 couples on the island. 
The birds mate for life and are certainly affectionate, never straying far from one another throughout their lifetime.

It's not a visit to Quebec without a poutine. Sinfully delicious:)

nom nom nom.. it's seriously THAT good!
And of course, lots of red wine! We were excited to find a bottle of Syrah.. Stephane's favorite. 
Here he is humoring me with the wine... by now, tired of me taking pictures so many pictures.

Here I am on the beach. His dad's favorite spot for finding agate rocks, a local treasure. There were locals on the beach digging for them. When asked if they were finding any, they would insist that there were none at all. 
We laughed, knowing that is the typical response to keep the tourists away:)

Stephane's parents' home is a beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. 
It was so cozy, I was sad to leave.

I think Beaufort was sad too. He loved going leash-less on the large property.

Time to get back to reality. It's officially the midway point of my summer vacation. The month of Saturdays (July) is over and I begin my month of Sundays. Still off but the beginning of the school year is looming in my mind. Not complaining though!
My porch is waiting for some attention. I'll be back soon with some progress.. hopefully:)


  1. That looks absolutely so gorgeous! And what exactly is this poutine that is so amazing??? I've never heard of it, but french fries are definitely a fave at our house (c: That was definitely a great vacation in my book, so lovely!

  2. Oh my gosh! That's beautiful - I am from Ontario, so it is awful that I have never been here before! I must add this to my "to visit" list. That POUTINE IS UNREAL looking!! We have so much poutine here in Ottawa, so I get my fair share;) a very guilty share, though! Hope you had a great time, it looks amazing!

  3. looks so beautiful!
    and i see a schnauzer with its ears back like it is inspecting something cautiously.

  4. That looks like the perfect getaway! Makes me want to pack the bags!

  5. i'm w aubrey and wondering what a poutine is? :) your pics look great - looks like a fun trip!!

  6. What a lovely spot! We visited Quebec a couple of summers ago and I loved it! Definitely need to go back soon :)

  7. These photos are amazing! That first photo makes me think of a Schnauzer - ha!

  8. Looks lovely! We just came back from Montreal and I happened to partake in some Poutine myself. it just has to be done.

  9. What a beautiful house! looks like your trip was so nice and relaxing. And that poutine - there is NOTHING like Quebec poutine. Lovely photos.

  10. Looks like a fun getaway and a lovely place to visit! Glad you had a nice time.

  11. The photos are fantastic! You are obviously getting good with the new camera!


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