Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Dining Room ~ A Picture Walk

The dining room in my home is a good space, in that it has nice windows so it gets a lot of light. It was one of the first rooms I tackled when renovating. The floors were refinished, walls and trim painted, new windows installed and wallpaper applied to one wall.
While the wallpaper is beautiful, I don't really feel it reflects my style anymore. I was so confident that I knew what my style was, then over time it changed. Or should I say evolved... I know now what I like and what I don't like and more importantly what fits into my home.
In the end sometimes you have to live with your mistakes! The wallpaper was not cheap, therefore is not coming down anytime soon. So that means I have to work with it.
It is not my favorite room in the house, but I like it all the same.

Here is the room before:

I spot Daddy Clem doing a little measuring ;)

Here it is with new paint and wallpaper.

And here it is now.. a work in progress. While mostly finished, the table is on loan from my dad (it's quite beautiful) and I really want/need new chairs. Something a little more modern, perhaps?

Resource list:

Wall paint: BM Wheeling Neutral in matte finish
Trim paint: ICI Natural White in semi-gloss finish
Light fixture:
Cabinet: painted by me
Mirror and Lamps: Winners
Curtains: Fabricville with an added bottom panel.. thanks aunt Marilyn:)

To do list:
  • replace chairs
  • paint back of cabinet (blue?)
  • new mirror
  • find or create a good centerpiece
  • Just dreaming, but a banquette under the window...
I would love to know what you think? Any suggestions for chairs, mirrors or centerpieces?


  1. oh my goodness! you've done such a great job :) it looks gorgeous! I think you should definitely paint the back of the cabinet in a blue to match your other'd be a nice pop! Can't wait to see more! xoxo {av}

  2. My is all coming together so lovely. :) I love the lighting and the curtains...I love it.


  3. Love your paint, wallpaper, and curtains. This room is really coming together!

  4. I think it looks great. Maybe keep those chairs but paint them and add a few more. Homes are always a work in progress.

  5. I love it! The chandelier is gorgeous! What about upholstered chairs or ghost chairs? I am horrible with centerpieces! Something so simple always gives me problems! What about a runner with a bold pattern?

  6. Love the lighting in the room!!! Ahhhh I love the two blue lamps.

    I have been using a mirror tile with a few bits and peices/ vase/ coasters/ candlestick as the centerpiece of our dining room table.

    XX Samantha

  7. I still love the wallpaper....too bad it can't be "up-cycled" to to my home! ;)

    I would love to see and sit on an upholstered chair in this space.
    Loving the homey posts!

  8. Love the drapes. Actually, I love it all-the moldings, the colors, etc.

    As for the table, I'd loe to see some white chairs with it-that would bring out the white in the drapes. (Think of the picture on the Just A Girl blog with the pine table and white chairs.)

    For the china cabinet, you could color match the paint to the turquoise in the picture. I was also thinking that the circle in the center of your china cabinet might be nice with a white monogram in the center. Another option might be to mirror the back of the cabinet and put in glass shelves.

    You have exquisite taste so I know that whatever you decide will look fabulous. P.S. I like the wallpaper in there.

  9. What about bringing the silver coffee/tea set from the living room and placing it on the buffet between the mirrors? You'd probaby have to remove the mirror and basket though.

  10. It looks gorgeous! I think some mismatched chairs would look perfect in the dining room.

    Love your pendant lamp too. Looks great, girl. x

  11. This may be more of an investment in the wallpaper wall than you want/can do, but have you considered building an open shelving unit on that wall? The wallpaper could then become a happy little surprise behind treasures that are on display, or art that you love... anyway, just a thought.

    As for chairs, I agree that white chairs would be beautiful in that space. Perhaps something along the lines of a Panton chair, with some curves to offset all those lovely geometric lines you've got going on.

    Love the light fixture!

  12. This is lovely. I'm totally drooling over that lovely secretary. That's on my list of things to have one day. ;) (Not yours, of course.)


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