Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Have you been watching Sarah's House on HGTV?
Admit it. Sarah's sidekick Tommy is the best part of the show. He is so quick witted and never fails to make me laugh out loud! The best are the outtakes at the end of the show. So, he isn't really my friend but he totally would be if we ever met.
Here are some photos of Tommy's apartment from House and Home magazine. All 180 square feet of it! It is so tiny and BLACK. Actually it's called off-black but it is dark. I find it gives the room a sense of glamour and depth.
So different from anything Sarah would ever do! His style is much more traditional than hers.
You can see a video interview here:

Well, I guess he has since decided to move. Maybe due to the fact that his bed was in the kitchen? He's gone in the complete opposite direction - light and bright! All of his interesting art and treasures still work in a different setting and color scheme.  Isn't it great?

Monday, April 26, 2010


I've decided I want a plate wall.
Not like the ones at your Gramma's house but one just like these.
The problem is I have been collecting pretty plates and I only have 3. So I'll keep you posted.
                                             Okay, maybe not over my head while I'm sleeping.
And this one is a little much. But wow, I love it!

Like this one! So cute.

 Or this one.
This one is cute too. I really wouldn't mind having my breakfast right at that table. Dizzy stripes and all!
 What do you think?

Sunday, April 25, 2010


My sister Pam has a great house in Sarnia, Ontario. It reminds me a lot of Peter Falico's house on this season's Flip this House. She also loves design and we are always chatting about things we've done to our home and projects we want to start.
Sometimes I think we share a brain.. we are drawn to the same pages in magazines, point out the same things when shopping and I've seen things in her home that I had also bought for my own! She's given me some great guidance with paint colors and has a real eye for furniture arrangement.
And best of all she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty! On her summer vacation home to PEI she spent many hours priming and painting the walls and trim of my home. You're the best Pam! :)
Right now, Pam is slowed down quite a bit with a torn achilles tendon.. ouch! So instead of the painting and wallpapering projects she had planned, she is putting some finishing touches on her home.
She needs your help. She sent me a couple of  pictures of two lamps that she purchased for her living room. She can't decide between the two. I think I know what I think but to my few readers... what do you think?
This one?
 or this one?
And here's Pam's boot! Poor thing.. I love the pink toes.. polish from a care package I sent her when she was laid up.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Etsy is a great source for finding handmade or vintage items for your home. I personally have used it to purchase a few different prints, but I've also marked many other things that I love in my favorites.
You can find anything from clothing, vintage pieces, jewellery, photography, art, furniture and even food!
Some of my favorites sellers are:
Blulima creates some great silkscreened and giclee prints.

I actually have two prints in my home.
This one in my kitchen.:
and this one in my bedroom: 

And yes, I have the infamous Keep Calm Carry On. And I really like it. I had it in my living room but moved it to my kitchen and it seems to fit there the best. I also bought my sister one for Christmas. Hers is charcoal grey and she has it in her kitchen too!
I purchased both of them from sfgirlbybay.
I was happy with the quality of the print and the shipping time. She is a fantastic photographer who showcases her work on her blog.
Here it is in my kitchen! Sorry about the glare.. and the ugly pipes.. and the plug.. :)

Jen Ramos' etsy shop made by girl has some great prints too. I love the hello in different languages. My favorite though is the Alphabet print. I think it would be the perfect baby shower gift!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Tomorrow being Earth Day, I've been thinking a lot about upcycling furniture. With the purchase of my home came the realization that I didn't really have much in the line of furniture. Thankfully, my very talented Dad refinishes antique pieces and allowed me to "borrow" some of them to get me started. Actually, I still have a few pieces.. :)
Going out and buying everything all at once was not an option. Then I started hearing the latest design buzz word: "Re" - Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. All about REvamping the old and making it work again. I guess the idea appealed to both my DIY side and my pocket book!
My inspiration mostly comes from my beloved Coulson's, a local antique & furniture store but other great sources are yard sales, curbside, and your family's basements! Summerside now has a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I checked it out yesterday and found the prices very reasonable!
Some of my "upcycling" projects include:
A terrible, shiny, honey brown china cabinet. Here it is now with a fresh coat soft blue paint.

I'd like to change the knobs. Maybe some from Anthropologie?

A pair of club chairs that I picked up from a local motel for $30! I had them upholstered in a pretty blue and added some flirty pillows.

I wish I had the before pictures from those projects.... but here are a couple future projets I have up my sleeve.

I just love the channel back on both. Imagine them in a bright geometric print with glossy white woodwork. I could even add some nailhead trim.
Here are some inspiration pics:

*images via caitlin creer interiors

*images via little green notebook

I guess the first step is to decide where to put them and then source some fabrics. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


One of the first blogs I ever read was Absolutely Beautiful Things. Anna Spiro is an amazing interior designer from Brisbane, Australia. Her blog features her design work and some of the displays she has created in her shop Black and Spiro. She has the ability to combine her love of antiques and vintage pieces with modern items to create fresh, cozy homes for her clients and her own family.
This month Anna's bright, colorful bungalow is featured in Canadian House and Home magazine. There is lots of color (PINK!) set against a perfect bright white canvas. Here are a few sneak peeks from her portfolio:

I know this poster from her dressing room is everywhere now but I still love it. The wallpaper is very similar to my own bedroom!
A beautiful antique dresser with a glimpse of her stunning white kitchen.
Check out the tile work in this bathroom! I love the mismatched his/her mirrors.
And last but not least.. would you not die if this were your office?

I love everything about it... the imperial trellis wallpaper, the perfect gallery wall, and that chair!

Anna describes her home in the article as "Paris apartment meets American country cottage". Doesn't that sound nice? Be sure to check out the article in House and Home's May issue!

Friday, April 16, 2010


My first post..:)
I've been following blogs for a while now and felt it was my time to join the blogging community. I have a great passion for design and the world of blogging has brought me beautiful things and inspiration on a daily basis.
When my Style at Home and House and Home magazines would arrive I couldn't wait to settle in with a coffee and my shiny new mag. Well times have changed and now I can't imagine a bedtime without my little laptop and bookmarked list of blogs!
I hope you follow along and maybe find a little inspiration of your own!