Sunday, April 25, 2010


My sister Pam has a great house in Sarnia, Ontario. It reminds me a lot of Peter Falico's house on this season's Flip this House. She also loves design and we are always chatting about things we've done to our home and projects we want to start.
Sometimes I think we share a brain.. we are drawn to the same pages in magazines, point out the same things when shopping and I've seen things in her home that I had also bought for my own! She's given me some great guidance with paint colors and has a real eye for furniture arrangement.
And best of all she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty! On her summer vacation home to PEI she spent many hours priming and painting the walls and trim of my home. You're the best Pam! :)
Right now, Pam is slowed down quite a bit with a torn achilles tendon.. ouch! So instead of the painting and wallpapering projects she had planned, she is putting some finishing touches on her home.
She needs your help. She sent me a couple of  pictures of two lamps that she purchased for her living room. She can't decide between the two. I think I know what I think but to my few readers... what do you think?
This one?
 or this one?
And here's Pam's boot! Poor thing.. I love the pink toes.. polish from a care package I sent her when she was laid up.


  1. Definately the second one, but I'm just the third sister with not as much design sense as you two...haha..Loving your blog by the way Jane, Proud of you. Julie

  2. Julie- You totally have design sense! You house is beautiful- we are all jealous of it!!

  3. I'm with Julie, the second one and I am addicted to this blog...awesome Jane:)

  4. I like the second as well! Two posts in one weekend- I love it! :)

  5. None they are both ugly! Maybe she can put a light bulb and a shade on her cool foot gear!


  6. second one! Love this, jane!

  7. Yep... The second one! I love this too, Jane!

    Already two Lindsay's?

  8. Decision made! I picked the second one....taking a picture of the lamps did help make my decision ( and of course everyone's opinions:)
    The pictures also made me want to add some more accents to my "difficult to style" corner fireplace.....any more good decorating ideas out there? As for the suggestion made by "anonymous", I will not be making my boot into a lamp....I will most likely burn it! giggle, giggle!!


Love hearing from you! Thanks so much :)